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Fashion in the World War II Era

A small presentation for a World War II Era Research Project. I hope you find it interesting!

Janae McGlothlin

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Fashion in the World War II Era

Fashion in the World War II Era
During WWII, extreme rations were issued on items. Certain fabrics were taken out of the reach of designers for the creation of military uniforms, and clothing prices fluctuated. But through this, brands revealed lines of clothing better suited for the men and women of that time, and celebrities- including Katharine Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, and Lucille Ball- set trends we still see today.
"Despite the hardships... the 1940s were still a brilliant decade for fashion." - Fashion + Beauty Website
Marie Claire
Men, commonly working in business, sought simple clothes for their on-the-go lifestyle. These included (but were not limited to):
Woolen suits, an alternative to the worsted fabric ones they were used to
V-neck sweater vests
Men's Style and Trends
Many women held a high interest in trends set by celebrities, particularly movie stars. Some of the most popular styles of that time include:
Peplum-Style Suits
Tight Waists- Belts, Waistbands, Ties, Etc.
High Necklines
Statement/Costume Jewelry
Fur Coats/Accessories
Women's Style and Trends
Many customers searched for clothes with:
The ability to accessorize
A fit for all figures
Good pricing
Long-lasting style
Desired Qualities
Adele Simpson hoped to meet these qualities with a new and improved dress for women.
Adele Simpson, Designer
'40's Women's Outfits
'40's Men's Outfits
In this article, college students praise some of their favorite clothes for fitting both their style and budget- a must for any woman's wardrobe of the era.
Applause from College Students
'40's Accessories
And More Specifically, Woolens
Floral Print
Fur Coats
Statement Jewelry
V-Neck Sweater Vests
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