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Ethos, Pathos, & Logos

No description

Christian Rosikiewicz

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Ethos, Pathos, & Logos

Ethos, Pathos, & Logos
By: Christian Rosikiewicz

In this commercial, Nike is advertising their vapor carbon cleats. They demonstrate ethos by using Clay Matthews to help advertise. Clay Matthews is a line backer for the Green Bay Packers. If he says that the cleats he you be quick, the audience will believe him . With Clay Matthews advertising these cleats, footballs players will be willing to buy these cleats and try them out.
In this Covergirl advertisement, Taylor Swift is promoting a line of skincare products. In this specific advertisement, her skin is amazing and she looks perfect. Taylor Swift is also a well respect artist and people will follow in her foot steps. If a Taylor Swift fan or someone who respects her sees her advertising the skincare products, they will buy them and try them on their skin.
President Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor Address
In this commercial, the audience will understand what a farmer goes through. Since the farmer has a super busy life, the commercial says that the Ram truck is able to get the farmer through his busy life. The audience will feel for the farmer and what he does that they will want to buy a Ram truck because they know it will last. The farmer's life is full of devastation and he is able to get through it with the Ram truck.
In this advertisement, it shows how family abuse, even to a pet is dangerous. The Humane Society has a picture of a sad dog to make the audience feel bad for the dog and would want to make someone act upon it. The advertisement wants family pets to have a safe place to live. They are against the abuse and would even temporarily shelter the animals to keep them away from the abuse of a family.
Bush 9/11 Speech
In this commercial, Levi Strauss uses logos to promote their jeans. They explain the material they use and how they obtain their cotton. They are advertising off of pure facts and hoping that just by telling the truth, they can appeal to an audience that would consider buying Levi's jeans. Levi's advertised on the quality of their jeans, not how they made you popular if you wore their brand of jeans.
In this ad, logos is being used because the guy smoking the cigarette is sending out cigarettes to all of his friends. He says they are the best because they are mild and have no unpleasant aftertaste. Since this guy is smoking Chesterfield, and all of his friends will be smoking the Chesterfield cigarettes, the audience will want to try these cigarettes because he is making them seem special.
Martin Luther King Jr. "I Have a Dream" Speech
Roosevelt uses ethos in his address. He gets his point across by using formal language. Also, as President, he is highly respected and people will listen what he has to say. He also was the "Commander and Chief of the Army and Navy." He knows what he is doing and would put the troops through trouble if he didn't think it was worth it.
George Bush uses pathos in his speech the words he uses to describe what happened. Also, Bush uses a calm tone that and understands what the citizens and victims of the attacks are going through. Bush feels the same way as the rest of us and he tries to help the audience get through this hard time because everyone was struggling to stay calm after these terrorist attacks.
Martin Luther King Jr. used logos in his speech by describing how African Americans have been treated over the years. He explains how they haven't been treated fairly. That they have been abused and nothing gets done about it. The laws that are made to protect the citizens don't include African Americans because of their skin color. Martin Luther King Jr. expresses how he feels and that there needs to be a change.
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