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No description

jessica cambeiro

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of BIGSKINNY

BigSkinny is struggling with their online presence and increasing their brand awareness. #BIGSKINNY #BSGNO WHAT IS THE MARKETING PROBLEM? So we went to the drawing board to examine a few things. Narrow target market
Design a more attractive logo
Improve traditional media
Increase digital engagement Product Insight The wallet industry is tough. Competitive frame Perceptual Map DREK model BEFORE Consumer Insight Men: Hate carrying cash on them because it makes their wallet thick and heavy.

Women: Young women don’t like transferring their items from wallet to wallet during the weekends. Strategy Create a constructive discontent and solve it with a preemptive claim. BigSkinny is the only wallet that is easily transferable from purse to purse, purse to clutch, clutch to handbag, etc. Narrow Target Market Primary Target Secondary Target Women 18-30
still active in the social scene Men 18-30
still active in the
social scene OUR SOLUTION! BIGSKINNY BUZZ! going viral youtube radio nightlife world sensation Traditional Media This will gain both, primary and secondary, target markets attention through music and nightlife setting a base for our campaign and creating massive buzz amongst our consumers. Print Magazines Triggers - fastest way to create brand awareness BIGSKINNY REMIX posts about... - collaborations with H&M and MACY'S
- events
- new line launches
- style watch
- celebrities & socialites we will monitor our web traffic using alexa.com and use our blog to further interact with out consumers. BLOG DIGITAL
ADVERTISING featured on websites like... - MACY'S
- H&M
- clubplanet.com
- stubhub
- facebook
- fashion blogs
- cosmopolitan.com while our blog will contain posts for both men and women, it will generally be more geared to our primary target audience. - GQ Online
- ESPN.com
- covergirl.com Traditional Media SOCIAL MEDIA BUZZ In Person Marketing Go to department stores and nightclubs and have product demonstrations
Collaborate with designers *these pop-ups will link to competitions and invitations for events, as well as linking to free downloads for the BIGSKINNY song. - web competitions
- hashtags Improve traditional media First things first Design a more attractive logo The New Rules: Digital Media Key Takeaways Key Takeaways Online Advertising is there at the at the precise moment a buyer needs it.

With online advertising, organizations are communicating directly with the buyers. It is also significantly cheaper.

Content drives action

We are able to target underserved audiences.

Traditional advertising is too broad for niche product companies. Since BigSkinny is a smaller company, the web is a better choice. Increase digital engagement Alexandra Dalisan Ramon Diaz Jessica Cambeiro Priyanka Borua party fashion music style nightlife pop culture entertainment new web and mobile integration Facebook More than 500 million active Facebook accounts
Network of people interested in you and your products and services
"Pass along value"
Tagged content shows up on pages
Authenticity and transparency are critical Twitter More than 6.5 million tweets a day
VERY interactive
Allows people to respond to your feeds
Know what people are saying about your products
Based on relationships
Reflects personal brand Focusing our website on the buyer It is a pain to constantly switch wallets all the time. Preemptive Claim Constructive discontent after -gains our target markets attention - sets the tone and manner of how BIGSKINNY will be perceived by future consumers from here... - events
- competitions
- blogging
- pop up sales
- collaborations Our Online Media room Usually for the press, but we're going to focus on the buyer!
Website will be optimized for searching and browsing
Fashion advice/style watch link on front page.
The "Who Has One" section where celebrities/people show off their BigSkinny clutches. Never get old with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Young, fun, and sleek
Sophisticated and classy look
Black and white theme Weekly special 1-2 day only online exclusive coupon revealed on website -BigSkinny blog - International: Website can be translated into 15 different languages.
- Gift ideas
- We customize wallets on request, giving our customers Big Skinny in their own signature look. 18-30 target market Customer service representatives know BigSkinny in and out, and are ready to help you with your queries. Which compliments our Content Rich Website and Design • Segmented website with both genders in mind.
• Customers can easily navigate throughout website. Each section offers customers the choice to choose between the many different Big Skinny styles and designs because they have their own sections. Big Skinny extras on the website Website Design Key phrases: clutch, purse, handbag, accessories, multi-pocket, organizer, night/evening, women's style, exclusive, nightlife, necessities, traveler Constantly updating website with fresh content to make BigSkinny frequently come up in search engine. We hope you enjoyed our presentation! V= I P Stays the same Increases We increase its image
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