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Social Movements & Sport

No description

Jill Weinberg

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Social Movements & Sport

Sports & Social Change
MSA 400, Week 9

Social Movements: Introduction
Social movements bring about social change, alter culture, sway public opinion, and influence laws.
Social Movements Defined
"Collective challenges, based on common purposes and social singularities, in sustained interaction with elites, opponents, and authorities." -Tarrow

"A set of opinions and beliefs in a population which represent preferences for changing some elements of the social structure and/or reward distribution in a society." -McCarthy and Zald

Questions Answered by Social Movement Theorists
Why do social movements happen when they do?
How do they gather and maintain support?
How are the issues presented?
How are strategies and tactics presented?
How are the organizations structured?
What causes opposition?
What causes their decline?
How and why do they succeed/fail?
Put Simply...
A social movement is a series of enduring collective actions that are completed by a group of people with common interests, a shared identity, and broad goals.
Examples in Sports
1968 Olympic Protest
2014 Sochi Olympics Boycott
2014 Unionization of Student-Athletes

Examples of Social Movements
Civil Rights Movements

Hip Hop

Occupy Wall Street
How do Social Movements Manifest?

Protests & Demonstrations
Public pronouncement
Political Lobbying
*The Level of Formality Depends on the Degree of Power a Group Has
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