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Copy of Time Management

By : Shehab Mashaly

ahmed alali

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Time Management

Shehab Mahmoud Mashaly

Faculty of Medicine ASU
Motivation team Head in Eshraqet Kheir Asso.
HD trainer in SSP
HR member in Accreditation team of QAUSC
Diploma in HR from CTCHD &Medical Syndicate
Diploma in NLP from CTCHD
TNT from Medical Syndicate & Mediverse
TOT certified from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Statistics If the average age is 60 years, time will be spent in ... To realize the value of TIME ,
you should know properties of TIME. No planning ,Unrealistic planning and planning without action
are the most important cause of wasting time. Unarrangement If you lose the ability to motivate yourself,
make sure that you waste your time and efforts. Socializing :
mass media What prevent you to invest your time ?? Spiritual reasons Personal reasons Administrative reasons Time management :
At first means self-management
then work management
with the least effort and a high quality
and in a short time
but you must find time for
rest ,enjoyment,creativity and good planning The first thing to manage your time is that you should realize the value of your time. Mckenzie law But,,,
Don't forget DELEGACY And you should learn to say "NO"
to be able to focus in your task
and not to repeat your efforts !!! Others Interruptions Commissioning " you MUST do this " Notes:
Begin with Unfavorable Tasks.
Find out the time in your day in which
you are active to achieve your task.
Decrease your routine jobs and delay them
to the time in which you are less active.
Get rid of unimportant things. Properties of effective Evaluation :
Flexibility Misconceptions about Time Management

Time management is nothing but common sense.”
“I work best under pressure.”
“I use an appointment calendar and a to-do list isn’t that good enough?”
“I’m a spontaneous person. Time management will take all of the fun out of life.”
“I don’t have time to learn how to do all of this.” Why is it so hard?

Most of us have been taught that “no” is disrespectful and even insulting.

We tend to value other people’s time more highly than our own. How do you say it?
“I have made a commitment to complete my current project/task ahead of any other.”

“Normally I would say yes, but I’ve had a few things come up unexpectedly and I have to deal with those first.” 45 - 50 points: You're on your way to becoming CEO of a major corporation!

38 - 44 points: You probably own an excellent Planning for your day .

30 - 37 points: You are managing your time fairly well, but sometimes feel overwhelmed.

25 - 36 points: Your college career is likely to be stressful and less than satisfying unless you take steps to begin to manage your time more effectively.

less than 25 points: Your life is one long roller coaster ride, out of control. Leaving TASKs unfinished Time management benefits ?? We have a need to cooperate and a desire to be liked.

There are often unconscious concerns of being thought of as lazy or selfish. Time Properties The most precious thing in your life Limited resource Cann't be compansated or come back Running fast Its investment increases its value your room your desk your lifestyle your mind Time Properties General improvement in your life with low stress. You can achieve your goals and dreams. Improvement in your Productivity, results, position and salary. Completion your work in a short time and with less errors.
you will find more time for :
1- your family
2- self development
3- reading , enjoyment
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