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Lesson 16: From Ratios to Rates

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Kaelyn James

on 10 October 2016

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Transcript of Lesson 16: From Ratios to Rates

Lesson 16: From Ratios to Rates
Exercise 1
Teagan went to Gamer Realm to buy new video games. Gamer Realm was having a sale: $65 for 4 video games. Teagan bought 3 games for himself and one game for his friend, Diego but does not know how much Diego owes him for one game. What is the unit price of the video games? What is the rate unit?
# 3
A publishing company is look for new employees to type novels that will soon be published. the publishing company wants to find someone who can type at least 45 words per minute. Dominique discovered she can type at a constate rate of 704 words in 16 minutes. Does Dominique type at a fast enough rate to qualify for the job? Explain why or why not.
Solve basic problems
Know-4 square
Illustrate-tape diagram, table, double number line
Link to real life
Launch a project
What is a rate? Is part of a ratio?
Make sure you learn this!!!
Look at number 2 and answer a and b

Ratios can be transformed to rates and unit rates

Diet cola was on sale last week; it cost $10 for every 4 packs of diet cola.

Exercise 1
a. How much do 2 packs of diet cola cost?

We can still use our knowledge of tables. We can still use our knowledge of simplified fraction. Four divided by 2 is 2 and 10 divided by 2 is 5.
Exercise 1 p. 68
b. How much does 1 pack of diet cola cost?
This we may have to do something
different...or do we?
Unit rate
Why we need math...
Solve basic problems
Unit rate
72 miles in 2 hours
How many miles in one hour?
4square, map math, rap, song
4 bottles at 2 $
How many bottles for 1 dollar?
Link to real life
1. Buying candy at a grocery store to find the better buy
2. Driving miles per hour
3. Racing how fast are we going
4. Cooking
Launch a project
Project should include everything:
Solve and create a word problem
Illustrate the problem
Link to real life

We need to divide 4 into 65
65 divide by 4=
The unit price is 16.25.
The rate unit is dollars/video
Four football fans took turns driving the distance from New York to Oklahoma to see a big game. Each driver set the cruise control during his leg of the trip, enabling him to travel at a constant speed. The men changed drivers each time they stopped for gas and recorded their driving times and distances in the table.
Fan Distance(miles) Time(hours)
Andre 208 4
Matteo 456 8
Janaye 300 6
Greyson 265 5
What two quantities are being compared?

Miles and Hours
b. What is the ratio of the two quantities for Andre's car? What is the associated rate?
Andre's ratio is 208:4
Andres' Rate=
208 divided by 4=
52 miles per hour
Answer the same two questions in part b for the other three drivers.
Matteo's ratio: 456:8
Janaye's ratios: 300:6
Greyson's ratio: 265:5
Matteo's rate is 57 miles per hour
Janaye's rate is 50 miles per hour
Greyson's rate is 53 miles per hour
part c continued
Part c
d For each driver circle the
unit rate and put a box around the rate unit

Let's use our knowledge of rate.
Rate means divide to find one.
704 divided by 16=
1 minute in 44 words
Dominique does not type at a fast enough rate because she only types 44 words per minute, which is slower than 45 words per minute.
Lesson Summary
A ratio of two quantities such as 5 miles per 2 hours, can be written as another quantity called a rate.
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