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Protocol of Buddhism

No description

Mackenzie Curtis

on 29 March 2018

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Transcript of Protocol of Buddhism

Supernatural Being(s)
Only certain sects believe that Buddha is a God
Origin Story or Explanation
Yes, some variation but overall, a major abiding belief
Beliefs and Faith
Yes, but it's different
How Many Followers/ Who/Recruitment
Forth largest religion in the world, yeah they recruit!
Reach Nirvana and to be a good person
Yes, guidlines
Spiritual Leaders
Buddha, Dalai Lama, Monks
Protocol of Buddhism
Mackenzie Curtis
Sacred Ideas/ Places/ Things
Yes. Monasteries, Bodhi Tree, Darha Wheel, Garuda Bird

Explain the Unexplained/Afterlife
Yes, reincarnation and to reach Nirvana
A Way to Identify Adherents
Yes, Robes, Meditation, Shaved Heads

Buddhism is not a reigion, it is a way of life. While Buddhism has many of the components that a relgion has, it just doesn't fit into the catagroy of a religion.
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