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ice cream

No description

roza sendyka

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of ice cream

The History of Ice-cream
Ice-Cream was invented around 400 bc. by Persian emperors. They made it from snow and grape juice. They had to store it in underground chambers, to keep it frozen through the summer.

The next step was in China around 100 years later. Their ice-cream recipe was based on rice and milk.

Ice-cream got to Europe around 50 a.d. In the Roman Empire emperor Nero made his ice-cream with snow brought from the mountains.

accesories – dodatki milk ice cram – lody mlecze
bitter – gorzkie multi flavor – wielo smakowe
crushed – kruszony Olimp – Olimp (góra w Grecji,
dessert – deser na której mieszkają Bogowie)
emperors – cesarze one taste – jedno smakowe
expensive – drogie poular – popularne
glaze – polewa prefer – woleć
honey – miód sherbet – sorbet
horizontally – poziomo sour – kwaśny
scoop ice cream – lody gałkowe sweet – słodki
ice – lód topping – posypka
ice lolly – lody na patyku two flavors – dwu smakowe
invented – wynaleziony water ices – lody wodne
lemon – cytryna verically – pionowo

1. When was the ice cream invented ???
a. 400 a. d.
b. 40 b. c.
c. 400 b. c.
2. W
2. Who invented the ice-cream ???
a. Chinese
b. Persians
c. Romans
3. How did they make it ?
a. of crushed ice and honey
b. of snow and grape juice
c. of rice, snow and fruit
4. When did ice-cream get to Europe ?
a. 70 a. d.
b. 60 a. d.
c. 50 a. d.
5. Where in Europe ?
a. in Roman Empire
b. it wasn't in the text
c. in France
6. How did the Chinese make their ice-cream ?
a. of rice and milk
b. of snow and fruit
c. of ice, milk and fruit
7. What was the order of the invention of ice-cream ?
a. P, C, R
b. C, P, R
c. C, R, P
kinds of ice cream
ice lolly
scoop ice
italian ice
How can Your ice cream be served?
...or sometimes on the ground :(
8. What kind of ice-cream are these ?
a. ice lolly
b. italian ice
c. scoop ice-cream
the most famous ice-cream prodcers :
Ben & Jerry
Wich is Your favourite???
so sad
What was the emperor that
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