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First Fleet Expedition

No description

Aaron Cashion

on 28 May 2016

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Transcript of First Fleet Expedition

First Fleet Expedition
Sophie Cashion
The First Fleet left Portsmouth.
13th of May 1787
The First Fleet stopped at The Cape of Good Hope.
13th of Oct - 14th of Nov
1st of Jan 1788
The First Fleet anchors at Rio De Janeiro.
3rd of August- 4th of September
The First Fleet stopped at Botany Bay but decided to relocate to Sydney Cove.
21st Jan 1788
The First Fleet settles at Port Jackson and raises the British flag.
26th of Jan 1788
The First Fleet crossed the equator.
5 July 1787

The First Fleet is at Van Diemen's Land.
We all live happily in peace and are all nice, friendly and kind. Remember, I am, you are, we are Australian.
2016/ Now!!
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