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Chasing Vermeer

No description

Ayden Anderson-Laking

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Chasing Vermeer

The maing characters of the story are Petra and Clalder. Both of them are kind of shy without many friends. They live in Chicago, right by the University of Chicago. They are in 6th grade and have a very wonderful teacher named Ms. Hussy. EXPOSITION Rising Action The rising action of the story, in my opinoin, is when Petra found the book "Low". And when they found out about the notes that had been mentioned in the first chapter. Another part of the rising action is when the famous Vermmer painting was stolen by unknown thiefs. The teacher was acting wierd and just about every other character in the story. Plot/Conflict The conflict of the story is the famous painting getting stolen. No one knows where it is, but Petra, Calder, and the rest of the world are looking for it. they are getting clues. Climax I think that the climax of the story is when Petra and Calder find out the clues about where the painting would be. Then they find the thief that had took it. They chase him around and then get the painting. Climax They climax of the story is when Calder and Petra find out clues that lead them to figuring out where the painting has gone. They found the thief that took it, but I'm not going to say who because that would ruin it. Falling Action The falling action is after they find the painting and everything starts to settle down. There isn't a really big falling action and I didn't really notice one. Resolution The resolution is when everything goes back to normal, Calder and Petra are still friends. The book ended just how i thought it was going to end. goh h hhgfhj njkjh Alternate Ending My alternate ending would be that the thief gets caught, but is holding the painting and then smashes it and jumps off a building. He dies and the book is pointless. bgbfgbxg gbgxffg jjnkjkj n; bbb jjj Alternate Ending If i had to make an alternate ending it would be to have the thief smash the painting and then jump off a building. I would want this ending because it would make the whole book pointless.
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