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Everything you wanted to know about Enterprise Architecture,

No description

Les Agambar

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Everything you wanted to know about Enterprise Architecture,

Everything you wanted to know about Enterprise Architecture, but were afraid to ask...
- Tidy up the mess that point solutions have left the enterprise with
- Portfolio management – prioritisation of changes
- Consolidation and integration

Business and technical agility
– Faster and cheaper change by imposition of standards and commonality
– Reuse assets across the enterprise

Enterprise wide transformation
– Treat the whole enterprise as a system
– Build a cross-organisational picture of the enterprise

Plan the future
- Roadmaps aligned with business strategy and priorities

Quality Deliverables?
Improved alignment of business and IT in line with Company’s business strategy
Better understanding of solution cost of ownership and opportunities for cost containment
Business and technical agility
Long term planning – strategic view of IT activity, movement away from tactical,
silo based solutions to strategic solutions implemented in accordance with a corporate architecture governance process
Reduction in number of project ‘failures’ / overruns due to selection and usage of inappropriate solutions
Documented solution design decisions matched to business requirements
De-duplication of applications and technologies
Change impact assessment capabilities
Application and technology lif-cycle management
Solution standardisation
Industry and technology innovation awareness
Improved procurement
Enterprise Architecture - Value Proposition

Information Systems
Business Architecture
The structure and behaviour of a business system. Covers business functions or capabilities, business processes, the roles of the actors involved.
Business Context
Use Case Diagrams
Function Decomposition Diagrams
Process Flow Diagrams
Data Architecture
Data Flow Diagrams
Database Schema
The definition of, storage and movement of data within an organisation. How data is used by the business and/or its applications.
Application Architecture
The structure and behaviour of applications used in a business and how they interact with each other and with business users or actors.
Application catalogues
Landscape diagrams
Technical Architecture
The structure and behaviour of the technology platform and services that underpins user applications
Infrastructure Diagram
Where to start?
Establish baseline portfolios
Business functions/capabilities
Platform technologies
Projects - in flight and pipeline
Business Capabilities
Application Portfolio Management
Capture various attributes for each application...
Number of Users
Capital and ongoing costs
Locations used at
Capture the main inter application data flows and data exchange with external actors
Map applications to the business capabilities/functions that they facilitate and support
Analyse the application portfolio
Classify Applications
Determine what application attributes are important
- Cost - licence costs, external / internal support costs
- Business fitness - does it do the job for the business?
- Technical fitness - does it fit with overall technical strategy
- Risk - is it supported by the supplier, is skilled support resource available

Identify multiple applications providing similar business functionality
Candidates for rationalisation, but...
- Be aware of specific application dependencies
- Wider enterprise ("corporate") viewpoint
- Cost of rationalisation, licencing, development, data conversion, etc.
Identify potential gaps in the application portfolio, where business functionality is poorly supported by existing IT systems
Is there a business driver to fill the gap?
Assign a strategic action to each application
MURDeR applications
- leave the application alone, i.e. no further development or enhancements
- update and enhance the application in response to business needs and supplier maintenence releases
- redevelop an existing bespoke application which is reaching end of life
- system no longer used, or functionality has been superseded
- replace an existing packaged solution with another package
Develop application portfolio roadmap
Roadmaps aligned to business strategy
Cannot develop an application portfolio roadmap in isolation. Must take into account...
- technology platform strategy
- existing project portfolio
- articulated business priorities
Utilise baseline application portfolio and MURDeR categorisation as starting point
Combine with application "gaps" where there is a business case
Sanity conformance with architectural principles and holistic enterprise viewpoint
Apply known budgetary and resourcing constraints
Produce initial application portfolio roadmap
Revalidate against business strategy and priorities - an iterative process

We are only here to help you!
Where to apply governance?
Business &
IT needs
Much angst
Solution Review
Changes planned
as point solutions
Requirements Review
Changes planned on a holistic basis
Architectural Principles
Innovation Management
The pace of change
Big Data
Social Networks
3D Printing
Internet of Things
Nano Technology
etc, etc...

etc, etc...
Not an option to
stand still and ignore
Continual innovation
Social media
Time to 5 million users
Radio 38 years
TV 13 years
Internet 4 years
iPOD 3 years
iPAD 2-3 months
200 million users in < 1year
Predicting technology is hard
Les Agambar
"The PC is just an executive toy" - 1984
"Who needs mobile phones when there is a phone box on every corner" - 1990
"The internet will never be considered a serious business tool" - 1997
"I think there is a world market
for maybe five computers"
Tomas J. Watson (IBM 1943)
"640k of memory should
be enough for anybody"
Bill Gates (Microsoft 1981)
"Larry Page and Sergey Brin
wanted $1M, George offered $750k,
and Google walked"
George Bell (Excite, 1999)
"Twitter is a Poor Man's
email system"
Eric Schmidt (Google 2009)
Maintain an Awareness
London market / insurance industry
Market Groups
- LMA Systems Group, etc
Insurance Events
- TINtech, etc
Market Initiatives
- Genesis, E-Accounts, Placing Platform, Central Services Refresh, Service Company Direct Reporting, etc

Standards / Trends
Competitor use of technology
Social media - marketing, new distribution models
"Big Data" - analytics
Vendor roadmaps
To optimise across the enterprise, current and
future processes and IT capabilities so that they are responsive to change and supportive of the business strategy.
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