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No description

Lori Simpson

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of Capitalization

4 - Students will be able to write sentences correctly on
their own with correct capitalization.

3 - Students will be able to recognize when a sentence does
not have correct capitalization and be able to correct the
sentence using correct capitalization.

2 - Students will be able to show in a sentence what is wrong
relating to the capitalization rules.

1 - Students will be able to recite the different rules for

The ice-cream was delicious.

A dog was chasing me down the street.

Alligators like to beach themselves on the banks of rivers.
Capitalize the word "I" and peoples names.
Capitalize specific places, institutions, languages and school courses.
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Learning Goal:

Capitalize the first word in a sentence
Because I was the first caller in the radio contest, I won two backstage passes to the concert next week.

My friend Martha Stevens will go with me to the concert.
Janice has lived in Boise, Idaho for twenty-five years.

I work at Newton Hospital in the west wing with new born babies.

Sue can speak Spanish, French, and

Which classes are you taking, math,
English, or History 101?

Capitalize calendar items: names of the week, months, and holidays. (Do not capitalize seasons).
Thanksgiving Day is a time to be with family and friends enjoying a wonderful feast.

Please join us for dinner on the first Tuesday of the month of October.
Students will be able to recognize when a sentence does not have correct capitalization and be able to correct the sentence using correct capitalization
Underline the words that need to be capitalized in the sentences below
1) in december 2001, the city of buffalo received almost seven feet of snow.

2) before thanksgiving, our midland church always delivers turkeys and cases of soup to needy families.

3) when you go to penn avenue, you fill find toni Duncan greeting visitors to the new store.

4) i can speak spanish and french, can you?

5) susan is taking chemistry 101 and
algebra 2 but not science this
Underline the words that need to be capitalized in each sentences.
1) last summer, my mother and i visited my aunt in new orleans.

2) every wednesday after school, cara goes to chinese school.

3) being located right on lake michigan makes chicago
a very windy city.

Correct the following sentences by
capitalizing words that should be and
putting an x over words that should not be

1. on next monday, which is christmas, most local stores will be closed.

2. few people recognize the name of chester arthur, who was the Twenty-first President of the united states.
3. every january, our Grandparents travel to florida for a Winter vacation.
4. The local President of mothers against drunk driving is
named arlene baker.
Correct the following sentences by capitalizing
any words that should be and by putting an x
over any words that should not be capitalized.
1. to celebrate my Birthday next thursday, my Family is taking me out to my favorite chinese restaurant.
2. on the last friday in may, ross hospital stopped admitting emergency patients.
3. my Brother, a physical therapist, has worked at grandview hospital since september.
4. phil is staying at uncle raymond's house for the Holidays.
4) in today's history 201 class, i learned about the history of the fourth of july.
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