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Jeremiah's Song

No description

Harley Green

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Jeremiah's Song

Jeremiah's Song
In the exposition we are introduced to Grandpa Jeremiah, The Narrator, Ellie, Macon, and Sister Todd. The setting of the story is mainly at Grandpa Jeremiah's and The Narrator's house.
Falling Action
In the falling action Grandpa Jeremiah dies and everyone is devastated, and everyone attends the funeral.
In the resolution everyone is at home still devastated about Grandpa Jeremiah but they all grieve together, missing his stories even though they may not have been true.
The P.O.V in the story is The Narrator's P.O.V and it is 1st person P.O.V
Rising Action
In the rising action everyone finds out that Grandpa Jeremiah has a week or two left to live.
The characters in the story are The Narrator, Ellie, Grandpa Jeremiah, Macon, Sister Todd, Doctor Crawford, Deacon Turner, and Deacon Turner's wife.
In the climax Macon begins to hang around more due to Jeremiah and his stories, and soon everyone starts to get closer as a family.
The conflict in the story is Character VS. Character. This is because all of the characters in the story are not getting along about certain things and The Narrator is caught up in all the conflict.
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