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Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

No description

Eva Reinstein

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Mediterranean Sea & Jordan River
Palestinians vs. Israelis
UN Partition Plan - rejection (Israel)

May 14, 1948 = independence (Israel)

1967 6 Day War

Holy State joined League of Nations (Palestine)

Created "10 Point Plan" to create democratic states (Micheal Plitnick and Henri Picciotto)
Current State
Tension and violence

Peace talks, but no agreements

Unrest causing preventable deaths
US Involvement
Possible Solutions
One country, two ethnic groups
Two states with separate leadership
Voted most popular
People giving up on this (Rudoren)
Any Questions?
Hope you learned from the presentation, Thank you!
By Eva Schoenholz, Emily Tate, Adam Stenberg, and Elaine Paules
US failing to negotiate peace
Arabs didn't want a Jewish state
Jews were given some land
Arabs attacked Jewish state
The Jewish State survived attack
Arabs and Jews wanted Palestine
Name Palestine changed to Israel
Still there is no peace
Israel, West Bank, Gaza Strip
Arabs still hate the Israel
Refugees are not given rights

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