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Medieval Torture Devices

No description

Nate Wilson

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Medieval Torture Devices

This Prezi is very gruesome and descriptive so if you don't have the stomach to watch this prezi I recommend you don't watch. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

There were all kinds of instruments of torture in the middle ages.

What made torture in medieval times so agonizing were the devices used, so in a way all the credit goes to the intricate pain causing thought up instruments from hell. These devices were used to cause pain to numerous body parts and sometimes even the full body, and there is even top 10 devices that are the worst.
The Head
Head Crusher
Used to extract information or as an execution, the device exerts a tremendous amount of force on the head by the means of a large metal screw. Sometimes the heads were anchored in place by a sharp tip at the end of the screw.
Originating in Scotland, the branks were used for scolding housewives. There was a spiked tongue piece to prevent speaking while the rest of the branks was like a cage surrounding the victims head.
Skull Splitter
Resembling an angels halo, there are spikes that are all along the side that are tightened into the victims skull. The executioner than grabs the handle and violently jerks or lifts up the victim in the air side to side, removing the top of the skull.
Heretics Fork
Four sharp points were rammed into the chin and sternum, preventing the victim from moving their head. The victim either had to murmur "I Recant" or die.
Tongue Tearer
A simple device used for heretics and blasphemers. It roughly tears out the tongue.
The Torso
Rat Torture
1 or more rats are placed on the victims torso which is surrounded by a cage which is slowly heated by coal, fire etc. In order to escape the rat or rats would burrow inside the victims stomach and intestines.
Revolving Drum
A popular tool in Spain, the revolving drum grated a person's torso similar to the way you grate cheese. Their torsos were pressed against the drum and any resistance would cause the machine to do one full rotation.
Breast Ripper
The name speaks for itself, used as a way to punish women, the breast ripper was a painful and cruel way to mutilate a women's breasts.
The Rack
Considered he worst most painful torture of them all, the rack was mostly used for confessions if the victim didn't confess the executioner would make it stretch more. It was a wooden frame usually above the the ground with 2 ropes on the bottom and the top that can stretch dislocate and even rip off the arms and legs.
The Saw
Widely used throughout the middle ages, especially during the inquisition, the saw was either used to punish or to force to confess, if not execute victims. This torture could last several hours while the victim was hanging upside down and the executioner would slowly cut off their limbs with a double handed saw.
Thumb Screws
There were many different variations of this device. It was mainly used for confessions as it was both painful and long lasting. The victims fingers were placed inside the device and the fingers were slowly crushed while the torturer controlled it on the top.
Hence the name they are boots, but metal ones with sharp points or boiling water that either burn or mutilate the foot.
Knee Splitter
The knee splitter, a terrible torture device that was mostly used during the inquisition. It could be used for any body part, but preferably the knee. As the claws came closer together, by means of a screw, anything in between would split in two.
Foot Roasting
The victims feet were placed inside stocks and then red hot coal was placed right under them. It continued until the victim confessed or it was charred to the bone.
Toe Wedges
Mainly used for confession wedges were placed under the victims toes one by one and sometimes even ripped out until the victim confesses.
Full Body
Iron Maiden
Used to punish criminals the maiden stood at 7ft tall and was basically a standing coffin. There were to door that would be covered in spiked on the inside that would go deep enough and placed where all the vital organs are to kill the victim quickly once slammed shut, and the victim cant even move since he's locked inside.
The Chair of Torture
Their were many different variants of the chair , just looking at it would get people to confess which it did. Every inch of it has a spike on it and 1500 to 3000 spikes on it in all. To avoid movement the victim is latched to the chair, and all the spikes don't go deep enough to hit any vital organs making death very slow.
The Breaking Wheel
Used as capitol punishment for hate d criminals, the wheel always killed its victims but ever so slowly. This device consisted of a large wooden wheel with many spokes. In between the spokes the executioner could easily hit the victim with a large metal hammer breaking their bones with ease. Once done breaking the bones the victim was left to die from some other enviormental cause.
The Judas Cradle
The Judas Cradle, a terrible medieval torture where the victim was put on top of a pyramid like seat. All limbs were tied together where the sharp dirty point on the top would be inserted in the anal or vaginal area where the pyramid is most likely infected and after day the seat would at one point pierce through the entire body.
Burning at Stake
Used early in medieval times burning at stake, simply burned you on a wooden stake with a cross they would burn you by just taking a lit up torch touching you in certain parts of the body with it and one they were done they left you to die from exposure.
Brazen Bull
It's suprising to see that someone actually made up this cruel way to die, and the Brazen Bull would make you die know dought about it. I was a brass bull that looked just like an angry bull that was large enough to fit a person inside. It had to latched doors where the victim would be bu in then it would either be heated or set on fire and the only way the victim to get oxygen through screaming out of a tube that everyone can hear and it sounded lke a bulls roar just for entertainment.
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