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European Explorers

French, Spanish and English explorers SOL USI.4a,b

Melissa Phillips

on 6 August 2010

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Transcript of European Explorers

Double click anywhere & add an idea France England Francisco Coronado Robert La Salle Samuel Champlain John Cabot Spain John Cabot was born Giovanni Cabotto. When he explored for England, he claimed eastern Canada. The French established trading posts and spread Christianity. The Spanish conquered and enslaved the Native Americans. They spread Christianity and diseases. The English established settlements and claimed ownership of land. The English learned farming techniques from the First Americans and traded. What were their motivations? Francisco Coronado explored the Southwest. Gold
(Spread of Christianity)
(belief in superiority of own culture,
"We're NUMBER ONE!") What were some of the obstacles (bumps in the road) they encountered? Poor maps and navigational tools
Fear of the unknown
Lack of adequate supplies Robert La Salle claimed the Mississippi River Valley for France.
Remember: "La Salle, La River." Samuel Champlain explored for France and claimed Quebec for England. What about accomplishments?? Exchanged goods and ideas.
Improved navigational tools and ships.
Claimed territories Why did European explorers come to North America? Why did European explorers come to North America? Exchanged goods and ideas.
Improved navigational tools and ships.
Claimed territories.
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