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Hi-Tech Fabrics

No description

Megan Jover

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Hi-Tech Fabrics

*Uses for advance science and technology to create simple fabrics.
*Influenced by high fashion.
*Chemistry, computer science, aerospace and automotive engineering, industrial textile and competitive athletic wear.
*Microfibers is fine with two components polyester filaments and a core of nylon.
*Microfibers material wicks away moisture/sweat from the body while also keeping everything cool and dry.
*Influence by technological innovations

*Elsa Schiaparelli italian fashion designer experimented along with other designers around the globe.

*New development in materials, garment structuring and sizing method of production

*Today technology is used athletic wear, military apparel and medical uniforms and supplies.
*Cotton is the most common

*Hi-Tech fabrics known for their advanced tehcnology to better suit the body for out door activities.

*Lululemon’s luon material which they have pants and headbands.

*Luon material great for hiking/mountain climbing
*Advantages, able to stretch four-ways, it is pre-shrunk and wicks away moisture.

*Cotton is used with the luon material it prevents the user feeling sweat and leaving them more comfortable.

*By adding high-tech material such as “Silverescent also found in Lululemon in bonded silver yarns.

*Prevents bacterial growth to ensure your gear stays fresh and odor-free.
Hi-Tech Fabrics Mountain

Kristian Bequibel Sarina Laciste, Ryan Gamba
and Megan Jover

High Tech vs. Low-Tech Fabrics
Technical and Esthetic Needs
*Lululemon focus on simplicity and comfort.

*Product contains various advantages such as enjoying the daily life style.

*Their products is simple but the products are more beneficial to the customer.

*Most the product is made out of cotton and nylon but includes, High- tech materials.
lycra makes ideal for exercising
*Spandex material has higher elasticity and form fitting nature.

*Nylon in the products, gives more light weight and breathable feel.
Silverescent Material
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