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RDA Prezi

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Mary Ann Abner

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of RDA Prezi

I don't know
what that means! The Gist: It's not the
Da Vinci Code Cataloging in RDA: What is changing? International Standard for Bibliographic Description Tells your ILS
that it's an RDA record. ISBD ...BUT retaining... AACR2 Anglo-American Cataloging Rules, 2nd rev. Cataloging Source (040 field) Cataloging Language and Description Conventions and Since RDA is an international standard, the language of the record is designated. But wait, there's more! Adding Relator Terms for Creators
& Contributors For example: The artists formerly known as: Main entry & Added entry 100 1_ Waugh, Evelyn,$d 1903-1966, $e author

700 1_ Ross, Alex, $1970-, $e illustrator

100 1_ Monk, Thelonious, $e composer

700 1_ Scorsese, Martin, $e director What is the logic of this practice? FRBR / FRAD Relationships It's all about "access points" Violet: "Fancy more cataloging esoterica?"

Isobel: "Don't mind if I do." 264 field REPLACES THE 260 field for Production, Publication, Distribution, Manufacture, and Copyright AACR2 RDA The 264 field is repeatable, so that each type... Production Distribution Manufacture And now for something completely different... OK...umm...what? Publication Copyright ...may be coded explicitly. Carriers
Manifestations These replace the
General Material Designator (GMD) for example: 336 field:
Content Type 336 __ $a text $2 rdacontent

336 __ $a still image $2 rdacontent

336 __ $a spoken word $2 rdacontent

336 __ $a performed music $2 rdacontent

336 __ $a two-dimensional moving image $2 rdacontent Book
Graphic novel
Audio book
Compact disc
DVD 337 field:
Media Type 337 __ unmediated $2 rdamedia

337 __ audio $2 rdamedia

337 __ video $2 rdamedia Print Music/Spoken word Movies, etc. 338 field:
Carrier Type 338 __ $a volume $2 rdacarrier

338 __ $a audio disc $2 rdacarrier

338 __ $a videodisc $2 rdacarrier

338 __ $a computer disc $2 rdacarrier

338 __ $a online resource $2 rdacarrier Book Compact disc(s) DVD / Blu-Ray(s) CD-ROM(s) Downloadable(s) Skip to the end! What is the point? Screen Icons 336
Content 337
Media 338
Carrier for your ILS Mixed Nuts Re: RDA Definition:
The form of communication through which a work is expressed Definition:
The format/housing of the storage medium Definition:
The form of communication through which the work is expressed Rule of Three Definition:
The form of communication through which a work is expressed RDA & Catalogs: Moving away from... 6 Degrees of ...punctuation conventions. Why Should I Care About RDA? RDA for Non-Catalogers Jessamine County Public Library Carrie Wallis
Sean Callihan
Mary Ann Abner April 10, 2013 Librarians are often riveting conversationalists because of their overuse of acronyms and library jargon. Another powerful, yet often overlooked, professional conversation tool is that of the made-up word. The trick is to take a normal word and add a suffix or two to it. Words, Making Up An example: find + able + ity = findability. Can you find this word in a dictionary? RDA Toolkit Costs Making Time for Training ILS Preparation RDA for the
Administrator Welcome to the FRamily RDA Toolkit provides all the
cataloging rules under RDA.
Available as an online resource
or in print. RDA FRBR FRAD FRSAR Resource Description & Access Paper version is $150 Online version starts
at $195 annually Functional Requirements
for Bibliographic Records Cost of Training Functional Requirements
for Authority Data What would it cost NOT to do the training? Functional Requirements
for Subject Authority Data Free training from LC can be
done in small bites Learn only the most necessary "core" elements -- what information is most helpful to your end users? RDA requires changes to your ILS. Ask your vendor if they're ready. Ask your vendor if your catalog is ready. Questions? Thanks for coming! A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette, 2006
http://libetiquette.blogspot.com/ RDA Basics Free training, sample records,
and cheat sheets
all available online. ... or "How much
will this cost?" RDA 101 Wait a minute!
Did you say "FREE training"? New cataloging content standard (rules) based on FRBR & FRAD (concepts) Successor to Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (AACR2), revised 2002 Designed with the user in mind:
International in scope
Addresses all types of media & formats
Designed for an online environment RDA and AACR2 records can co-exist in a catalog RDA Timeline Work begins on
Cataloging Rules,
3rd Revision
(AACR3) 2002 2008 AACR3 discontinued
in favor of Resource Description & Access (RDA) Full draft of RDA
complete 2005 RDA records are
created and testing
begins 2010 Library of Congress
fully implements
RDA on March 31 and RDA continues to be revised 2013 Library of Congress
continues working
on BIBFRAME, the
successor to MARC Future Aunt FRBR &
Uncle FRAD Foundational concepts that provide structure to RDA(rules) Provide precise vocabularies to lend clarity for all users FRBR's User Needs:
1. Find
2. Identify
3. Select
4. Obtain Stress relationships & linking Why?
Why? The Library Catalog Collection of text records intended
to be read Minimal linking Online catalog still resembles the card catalog THEN NOW The Essence of FRBR W E M I FRBR Inspired Catalogs: LibraryThing OCLC WorldCat Relationships & Links Work Links to Obtaining
Manifestations & Items What is possible Non-FRBRized Catalogs: It's RDA but ... JCPL RDA Limitations MARC has been tweaked for RDA, but RDA doesn't work well in MARC MARC was designed for AACR2 Today's library catalogs are built on the MARC record The 45-year-old MARC format, currently at version MARC21, is an obvious barrier to the provision of library services in a web-based environment. There is growing consensus that the time has come for libraries to move to a new format. ~Karen Coyle
MARC21 as Data: A Start
Code4Lib Journal
Issue 14, 2011-07-25 Remind me again ... why? Increased findability To be not only on the Web, but of the Web (Karen Coyle) RDA is here (and it's not that bad) Defined as:
When more than three creators/contributors performing the same function are named in the source, give the first listed followed by [et al...] ...is no longer part of RDA
cataloging. Keep in mind that RDA stresses: Cataloger judgement User needs of YOUR library THE What would we do without... Creators and contributors are "access points", not "attributes". Therefore, ideally, we would include them all. Certain rules are optional Explicit transcription is the rule: "Take it as you see it." No Latin
abbreviations in
RDA That was then (with AACR2)... ...this is now (with RDA). $aRosa Parks / $c by Lola M. Schaefer ; Consulting Editor, Gail Saunders-Smith, Ph.D. ; Consultant, Thomas J. Davis, Ph.D., J.D., Professor, Department of History, College of Law, Arizona State University 245 10 264 _1 $aMankato, Minnesota : $ Pebble Books ; $c [2002] 264 _3 $c©2002 245 1_ $aRosa Parks / $c Lola M. Schaefer ...[et al.] 260 __ $a [S.l.] : $b Pebble ; $c c2002. No, it has no findability. "And is it going
to be worth the trouble?" What has not changed? The RDA Joint Steering Committee
is presently sorting out: Subject headings
Authorities Keep in mind... As yet, very little of what
RDA purports to change
is visible
to users and public service staff. What
about!? RDA/OPAC interface
will not be fully visible
until vendors
retool the ILS's Useful cataloger mantra KDLA Free help always available from
the friendly folks at your state
library! AACR2 RDA For example: For example: Requires educated searches JCPL examples: Book CD Audio Book
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