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College Selection

Selecting the right college for you!

Robin Hicklin

on 15 October 2015

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Transcript of College Selection

College Selection
What school is best for you?
What should I consider when choosing a college?
Public, Private,
Areas of study
Student body size
Financial Aid available
Campus Demographic
Extracurricular Activities
Religious Affiliation
Student-Faculty Ratio
Average Class Size
GA's and TA's
Admission Standards
Types of colleges
Large vs. Small
Community College
Highly Selectivity
ACT 30+
Top 10% graduating class
Less than 30% admitted
Moderately Selective
ACT 23+
Top 50% graduating class
30% -60% admitted
Less Selective
ACT 18+
Top 75% graduating class
95% admitted
Open Admission
ACT required for placement
100% graduating class admitted
Everyone admitted
Student Life
Trade School
Community College
4 Year University
Average College Cost

Trade School: $10,000 - $30,000 per program
Community College: $4,000 Tuition a year
Public 4 year university $10,000 Tuition a year
Private 4 year university $35,000 Tuition a year
Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA)
*Pell Grant
*SEOG Grant
*Missouri Access Grant
*Stafford Loan
- Parent Plus Loan
*Priority date in MO 4/1/16
*Institutional Scholarships
*start at 23 ACT
*great scholarships 30+ ACT
-Performance Scholarships
*Cheer leading
-Need Based
*Community Scholarships
-High School
-Clubs/Civic Groups


Finalize ACT/SAT Scores
Apply for Admission
Request a transcript to be sent to the colleges
Look and apply for scholarships

Apply for Institutional Scholarships
Apply for Local and High School Scholarships
Complete FAFSA
Apply for University Housing
Finalize College Selection
Contact college about enrollment for fall
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