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Sonata For Harp and Bicycle

No description

Kelsey Brown

on 4 September 2013

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Transcript of Sonata For Harp and Bicycle

Sonata For Harp and Bicycle
*Grimes building at night is empty and dark. This could symbolize loneliness and sadness; meaning the ghost's story of lost love and eternal emptiness.
*"Every little office within................returning willingly to roost" In this part of the story the light leaving and crumbling could represent the last of life before the darkness of death/ghosts come to haunt.
*" Wash hands Please" Washing hands symbolizes cleansing, so them washing their hands before leaving Grimes Building represents cleansings of souls and washing away spirits.
Jason sees the ghost of William Heron, who curses him with the fate of jumping off the fire escape, and is chased out of grimes building.

About Ghosts:
In traditional belief a ghost is the spirit of a dead person that can appear to the living. They can sometimes be represented by objects that were important the once living person. In this case the ghost of William Heron is represented by a bicycle because when he was alive he patroled the halls on a bike and the ghost of Daisy Bell is represented by a harp because she was a harp teacher.
Historical Context:
During the 1950s in London, many women were entering the work force and taking the place of men in office jobs. Many men were instead working in manufacturing.

About the Author:
Joan Aiken was born in England and grew up in an old haunted house. Her living there influenced many of her thrillers and unexplainable novels. She worked for a advertising company just like Jason Ashgrove in Sonata For Harp and Bicycle.
It takes place in London, England during Halloween 1950 at a advertising company in Grimes Building. Jason and Ms. Golden talk, Jason is wondering about the building and the rush of everyone leaving at 5:00.
Before the Story Vocabulary:
perridots: yellowish, green germs
arpeggio: notes of a chord played one after the other
sibilants: hissing sounds
a familiar: a spirit
idyll:romantic scence, usually in the country

Falling Action:
Ms Golden finally tells Jason of the story of Grimes Building and about the love story of the ghosts ,Daisy Bell and William Heron. They make a plan to return the building that following night to reunite the ghosts and rid Jason of the curse.
Rising Action:
Jason questions Ms. Golden about the mystery of Grimes building and she does not answer anything. So he stays in the building after hours to find out himself.
Ms. Golden and Jason return to Grimes building the following night, and they reunite the William and Daisy but tricking them into entering the same room. They see a bicycle and a harp sitting together with roses and wine. Jason and Ms. Golden jump off the building with a parachute to fulfill the curse put on Jason.
*Don't jump to conclusions for it could end in unfortunate situation.
*Nothing should get in the way of love.

Discussion Questions:
*Can love help you or harm you in the long run?
* What actions does Jason take to avoid the curse? If you were cursed would you do all the work to avoid it or follow through with it?
*Do you believe that love is temporary or a feeling that lasts forever?
*Do you believe in ghosts? Why or why not?
*Have you ever been in situation with something haunted or with ghosts?
Jason Ashgrove:
He had black hair before it turned silver upon seeing the ghost.
He is curious, he goes against what people tell him to do like going in the building after 5.

He is also curious with his speech, he begged to know about the building even though he wasn't supposed to know.
effect on others:
He is very convincing. He convinces Ms Golden to go in the building after hours even though she was reluctant to do so.
He doesn't think through things he just acts without thinking. We can see that through thoughts because he doesn't even think of the consequences of going in the building after hours he just thinks of the benefits.
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