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Welcome to North Carolina and South Carolina

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Laura Flanagan

on 16 October 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to North Carolina and South Carolina

The Carolina Colony's
North Carolina Geography
North Carolina and South Carolina are on the coastal plain on the east side.

Quick Facts

Flower:Dog Wood
Mammal:Gray Squirrel
Insect:Honey Bee
North Carolina economy based of agriculture and plantations exporting tobacco, cotton, corn, vegetables, grains and live stock
North Carolina Information
North Carolina was founded in 1653 by the Virginian colonists
The region of North Carolina was in the south part of the 13 colonies

North Carolina came near being the first of the permanent English colonies in America.
North Carolina is split into 3 main areas:the coastal area,the Piedmont and mountain area. There are also swamps,islands and foothills.
North Carolina Religion
The first form of religion is the puritans. The puritans are people that are very critical about the Anglican church so they form a different type of religious group.
Some Unique Facts About North Carolina

The name Carolina was originated by the word carlous which means Charles.

The warm weather and lack of cold winters makes illnesses easier to spread. Did you know that!
Why You should Go To North Carolina
You should go to North Carolina because they have a beautiful mountain range and they have some amazing people.
Information about South Carolina
South Carolina was founded in 1663 by king Charles ll. And then king Charles gave the land too 8 men called the lord proprietors
South Carolina belonged too the southern part of the colony area.
The Geography Of South Carolina
South Carolina is roughly a triangular shape.
It is on the east coast and it has a lot of hills. It also has an ocean, plains and forests.
South Carolina Economy
South Carolina's economy was based on trade. They grew tobacco, cotton, corn, vegetables, grains, fruit and livestock. They traded what they grew for animal pelts, rice, livestock, tools, lace, thread and dishes.
South Carolina's economy is also based off african american people doing labor.
Religion Of South Carolina
One religious group was the Anglicans. The Anglicans are a group of people that believe in catholic faith.
Another religious group was the Baptists.
Some Unique Things About South Carolina
South Carolina was originally named the Province of South Carolina
South Carolina is shaped as a triangular shape.
You Should Come To South Carolina
The second form of religion is the Anglicans the Anglicans believe in the faith of the catholics and apostolics.

One reason to come to South Carolina is it has good farm land.

In the winter would you want to live in a cold or warm climate when they didn't have heaters? South Carolina is warm.

It has religious freedom.
A cool fact about Carolina is that North Carolina and South Carolina were one colony.
It had a lot of religious freedom.
They also have good farmland.
Baptists are individuals
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