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Extreme Sports Timeline

No description

Kyle Tomasi

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Extreme Sports Timeline

History of Extreme Sports Researchers say that extreme sports evolved as a reaction to an increasingly safe life
Technological advances have brought about safety devices and equipment for their respective sports
Skating uses an old technology from roller skates, which dates back to the 1700s
Many extreme sports today find their roots in Polynesia.
The people of Venice and Santa Monica used skateboards for surfboards in the 1970s
Some were a combination of two or more sports resulting in some sports still active today How have extreme sports changed society? Entertainment
Athletes pushing their bodies to the limit
Advertisement opportunities
Many more!! Entertainment Athletes perform these stunts on a national stage
People tune in from all over the world to watch
Thousands gather at these events
People enjoy putting their lives on the line and cheating death
Great way to stay in tune with the sports world
Every year a new and exciting stunt will capture peoples attention Physical Fitness Largest demographic is from ages 12-35
Must build significant levels of all around fitness
Athletes must be able to endure short quick bursts of energy as well as long, strenuous periods of time depending on the sport Extreme Sports Advertisements Advertisers use these televised events to show off their products
Many advertisers sponsor whole events, some just individuals
Many car companies, energy drinks, clothing companies, and sports drinks advertise during these events Conclusion Extreme sports are always changing and continue to change society
Viewers from all over the world watch these events
Advertisers strategically place their products within the events
Science is always changing to make sports safer and more advanced than the year before Video Games Shaun White Skateboarding and Snowboarding
Dirt 3
ATV vs. MX
Extreme sports have influenced video game companies to make games for all ages References www.buzzle.com/articles/history-of-extreme-sports.html
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