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English - 'An Inspector Calls'

Love and Relationships

Tirzah Thompson

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of English - 'An Inspector Calls'

Love and Relationships Act 1 - Page 2 Sheila engaged to Gerald.
Birling very happy with the match. Act 1 - Page 25-26 Sheila instantly suspects something from when Gerald recognises the name Daisy Renton. Sheila + Gerald Act 2 - Page 40 Gerald's honesty regarding his affair with Daisy appeals to Sheila who values the trait but is not enough to make her forgive him.

"In some odd way, I rather respect you more than I have done before." Act 1 - Page 3 "Yes that's what you say."
Sheila is shown to be suspicious of Gerald's whereabouts last summer very early on in the play. Generational divide - Older Birlings & Sheila and Eric Sheila and Eric very emotionally affected by Eva's death, older Birlings not - as long as there is no scandal. Older Birlings treat Eric and Sheila as children. Page 13 -
"Just keep quiet, Eric, and don't get excited." Page 17 -
"Nothing to do with you, Sheila. Run along." Page 30 -
"You seem to have made a great impression on this child, Inspector."
"You're looking tired, dear. I think you ought to go to bed -" Act 2 - Page 28 "No, no I didn't mean -"
"Yes, you did. And if you'd really loved me, you couldn't have said that.

Sheila and Gerald show tension between them because Sheila is unhappy that he was not faithful to her. Page 31 -
"Eric, who seems to be in an excitable silly mood." Page 33 -
"What's the matter with that child." Page 48 -
"You're behaving like a hysterical child tonight." Act 2 - Page 34 "Well, we didn't think you meant Buckingham Palace."

Sarcastic comments show Sheila's resentment of Gerald's affair. Page 59 -
"Don't be childish, Sheila" Page 60 -
"Really, from the way you children talk..." Near the end of Act 3, Sheila and Eric don't care if there are no social implications but to older Birlings it does. Birlings stuck in the Victorian era where propriety and reputation is everything. Sheila and Eric open to accepting new ideas and are quite Socialist as oppose to Capitalist like their parents. Act 2 - Page 34 - 40 Gerald's admitted affair makes Sheila realise what she had suspected and 'breaks off' her engagement; but gives him the chance to restart the relationship. THEMES Social Classes Mrs. Birling Page 3
"Arthur you're not supposed to say such things."
Mrs. Birling comes from a higher class than Mr. Birling. Page 30
"Girls of that class..."
Waves off the girl because of her class. Thinks she can know what Eva is like because of the stereotype. Page 31
"You know ... Lord Mayor."
Asserting Mr.B's social standing. Making sure that the Inspector knows. Page 46
"She was ... in her position."
She feels that lower class girls wouldn't have morals. Page 47
"A girl of that sort ..."
Degrading the girl again based on what she thinks of her class. Mrs. Birling is from a higher class than Mr. B - social gaffes.
Comes from old money, married 'beneath' her. Mr. Birling Gerald Croft Inspector Sheila Eric Eva Smith/Daisy Renton Married 'above' himself.
Has 'new' money, entrepeneur of his business. Page 11
"I was an alderman ... on the Bench."
Trying to establish his social standing in front of the Inspector. Showing that he is very important in the community. Page 16
"Perhaps I ... West Brumely"
Reiterating his social standing of being higher than the Inspector. Page 8
"I have an idea that your mother ... for yourself socially."
Showing that Gerald is higher socially than the Birlings and that Birling feels that his parents may slightly disapprove. Titled parents - Lord & Lady Croft - shows that he is very upper class.
Marrying 'beneath' himself. Page 13
"Mr Gerald Croft ... Crofts Limited."
Showing Gerald's social standing and the Inspector that Birling has friends in high places. Page 20
"It seemed she liked ... I've no doubt."
Eva being working class is not used to being in that situation. Unlike Sheila who went there frequently. Poor, working class.
Has no family or friends to fall back on.
After getting sacked from both B's factory and Milward's she can only go to the Palace Bar. Women could get dinner and/or money from wealthy men. Page 20
"a customer ... had to go."
Eva being working class, after a complaint from a socially higher person - Sheila - has to leave. Higher classes get what they want, less value on lower classes. Gerald Mr. Birling Sheila Mrs. Birling Eric Eva Smith/Daisy Renton Edna Responsibility Act 1 Page 9/10
"has to look after himself" Birling makes a speech about responsibility. Act 2 Act 3 Socialism Page 9/10
Birling's speeches portary him as a Capitalist. Page 19
"But these girls aren't cheap labour, they're people."
Sheila (younger generation) disagrees with her fathere's take on people's responsibilities.
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