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So You May Be Asexual

This was created for my Writing in the Public Sphere class as well as my fellow aces and questioning folk. - Lisa

Lisa Patrick

on 6 May 2016

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Transcript of So You May Be Asexual

So You May Be Asexual ?
That is also the approximate percentage of Jews in the World.
If you know a Jewish person, you may know an asexual individual
Wait, I Can Have a Romantic Relationship?
You can be involved in a healthy romantic relationship if you are asexual because:
some things to keep in mind
Signs you may be asexual**
What's an
An Individual
who does not experience sexual attraction
Of the population is hypothesized to be asexual.
Why 1% matters
You do not feel sexually attracted to any gender*
*Per the definition
Or you may have never:
had a crush (where it was assumed that attraction was also sexual)
had a significant other due to wanting to avoid sexual contact. (This is different than celebacy or abstinance. For more information go to the "web resources" slide)
felt a desire to engage in sexual activity
connected sex or sexual activity to desire for your partner(s).
Does this sound like you?
Asexuals can:
Be Sexually Active
Have Children
Have Deep Romantic Relationships
The only thing that defines Asexuality is not being sexually attracted to anyone
Romantic Attraction:
A desire for a romantic relationship
Defining Romantic Attraction uses the some of the same prefixes to define sexuality.
For example:
If you are an AROMANTIC asexual you do not experience romantic or sexual attraction.
Resources For You
Web Resources
Asexual Visiblity and Education Newtwork (Aven)
This is not only a great source of information on Asexuality but is also home to an online community that is really welcoming!
The Huffington Post's Six-Part Series on Asexuality
Covering Relevant topics concerning asexuality that are important for you to look at!
Print Sources
Video Resources
A Journey in self-discovery
and acceptance

Taking the Cake (2015)
(A)sexual (2011)
15 Poignant Asexual Confessions
Am I Asexual? Never too Young to KnoW
What Acephobia Looks LIke*
*Feel free to skip this video if you think that some of the comments made will make you uncomfortable. I wanted to put this video here to show that ACES experience discrimination too.
Image source:
are also reffered to as "Aces" or "Ace"
And if you don't want to be in one, that's okay too!
A cool commonly-used nickname for these folks is "AroAce."
**please note that this is not a definative checklist, but just some things to think about.
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