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Roles of Government Dealing With Foreign and Domestic Policy

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Caleb Giovannelli

on 16 December 2014

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Transcript of Roles of Government Dealing With Foreign and Domestic Policy

Domestic Responsibilities of the US President
The President's responsibilities dealing with Domestic Policy can be split up into 2 categories:
Domestic Responsibilities of the US President/Executive Branch
The President Ensures the Laws are carried out.
The President's Responsibilities of Domestic Policy
The President can also deal with economic crisis's, such as the Great Depression, by creating programs to diminish poverty and unemployment throughout the nation.
Foreign Policy
There are many ways the Executive/Legislative Branches can create foreign Policy.
State/Local Government Foreign Policy Influence
State and Local Government of the US don't have a HUGE impact on Foreign Policy, but rather they influence Congress/the President's decision making regarding Foreign Policy by reflecting Local Concerns about World Affairs. Local Governments can also collaborate and pass resolutions that call for the higher Government Officials to act on the People's concern.
Foreign Policy
Both Congress (Legislative Branch) and the President (Executive Branch) play roles in forming the Foreign Policy of the US. Both Branches have the Power to create or change Foreign Policy equally. Though the formation of Foreign Policy is a very complex process.
Roles of Government Dealing With Foreign and Domestic Policy
Economy and the Law.
The Securities and Exchange Commission and Federal Trade Commission (Executive Branch) agencies also ensure the laws are carried out.
- Responding to a Foreign Event
-Proposing Legislation
-Negotiating with other countries
-Creating Policy Statements with other governments
-The President taking independent action.
-Introducing Solutions to Issues/Policy Statements within Congress
-Pressuring the Executive Branch through Legislation
-Informally advising/influence the Executive Branch
State/Local Government and Domestic Policy
State and Local Governments form their own domestic policies around the US's Domestic Policies that are already in place. By doing so, they can create their own domestic like bodies that we know as Towns/Cities that may have different Domestic Policies than other States/Cities/Towns.
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