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David Unaipon

No description

Jonathan Valis

on 30 June 2011

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Transcript of David Unaipon

David Unaipon By Jonathan Valis David Unaipon was born on the 28th of September1872 at Point Mcleay mission
He died on the 7th of Febraury 1967 (aged 94) at Tailem Bend, South Australia He was educated at the Raukkan mission school as a
bootmaker David Unaipon is the man on the Australian $50 note. He was inquisitively religious believing in both traditional Aboriginal and
Christian spirituality Unaipon began his education at the age of Seven at the
Point Mcleay mission school On the 4th of January 1902 he married Katherine Carter, a Tangani
woman He was an Australian Aboriginal of the Ngarrindjeri
people, a preacher, inventor and writer. Some of his traditional
Aboriginal stories were published
in a 1930's book, "Myths and Legends of the
Australian Aboriginals, under the name of
anthropologist William Ramsay Smith. His Aboriginal surname is Ngunaitponi Raukkan mission Unaipon had a talent for public speaking, which he used
to his advantage to promote that Aboriginals should
have the same rights as white skinned people. His inventions gave him the nickname " The black leonardo" by the media He wrote his autobiography,
"My life story" in 1951 As early as 1914, Unaipon had anticipated the concept of a helicopter by applying the principle of the boomerang. David became the first Aboriginal writer to have his book published Mechanical Shearer Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoyed it
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