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The Bet

No description

Ryan Shafiei

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of The Bet

Biographical Sketch
Who is Anton Chekhov?

Falling Action
Characters and Their Relationship
The Banker

The Lawyer

The Banker and The Lawyer have a
power struggle
between themselves. As soon as the characters are introduced to each other, it seems as though they want to
kill each other
Symbol: Wine

The Wine: In this story the wine represents an anchor. It represents the lawyers tether to all earthly desires, and by refusing it. He has relinquished all of his previous needs.

Main Conflicts
The Bet
By: Anton Chekhov

Exposition and Inciting Incident
Born on January 17, 1860
Born in Taganrog, Russia
He had a physically abusive father
Although, he earned a
medical degree in 1884
, he spent most of his time writing and became a full-time writer.
He wrote in the genre of
French Farce

Rising Action
Theme analysis
The main conflict in the story starts when the banker and the lawyer make the bet

This clarifies the initial setting and gives readers an new idea to consider

Tension starts to build because the time limit for the bet begins to run out, and the banker runs low on funds
A banker recalls a party he had 15 years ago in the season of autumn.
He had also invited a lawyer.
Somehow, the conversation began with the talk of

punishment vs. the death penalty
One could say after reading the story, the inciting incident is clearly when the banker makes the bet with the lawyer over 2 million rubles.
Inciting Incident
The lawyer starts out positive by playing piano and reading books with "a light character".
As the years progressed, the lawyer got
weaker physically and mentally
In the last two years the lawyer read books at random. Going from
science to Shakespeare
The climax could be best described as when the banker reads the lawyer's letter just when he is about to kill the lawyer. He finds out that the lawyer is purposely going to
leave five minutes before the bet ended
The banker hears the news that the
lawyer had escaped
and goes and retrieves the letter
The banker takes the letter and puts it in his
fireproof safe.
The Banker is the host
of the party where The Banker bets The Lawyer two million rubles to stay in a solitary confinement for
15 years.
He likes to be in control and have authority.
Even though the lawyer gives up the two million,
he has no desire for material objects in life
. He had reached a
state of nirvana
. He had lived happy ever after.
Thematic Questions
No matter what the price is, it is not enough to sacrifice your freedom.

Thematic question: Would you accept the bet of
solitary confinement
for 15 years in return for
2 million rubles?
How much do you believe your freedom is worth?
Secondary conflict
The secondary conflict starts when the banker plots to murder the captive lawyer and take his money back

This was a big risk on his part because if he was caught

His reputation as well as his wealth would be ruined

That is why the tension begins to build
Chekhov proved his theme statement to readers by making the lawyer lose the bet purposely. The lawyer realized his error which was that he sacrificed his freedom for material objects.
Consider this question, it will be discussed at the end of the presentation.
Consider the lawyer's mistake, was it really a mistake? Would you do the same as the lawyer? How much do you believe your freedom is worth? why?
The Lawyer is a young guest at The Banker's party and the Banker bets that he can spend fifteen years in a prison voluntarily to prove that being
alive is better than death.
Figurative Language
Symbol: Books
The Books: They represent the lawyers journey, even though he was stuck in a prison cell for fifteen years. He traveled an innumerous amount intellectually. Though he never left his seat, he flew through history, surfed through science and dived into the inescapable maze of religion, and came out a changed man.

Symbol: Two Million Rubles
The Two Million: The money symbolized his metamorphosis, from a greedy material life form, into a free flowing loving spirit. By giving this money up he relinquished all filth and greed that he had once had.
Chekhov used metaphors in his story to emphasize how much the lawyer changed during the duration of his confinement.

He described the lawyer as "...a skeleton with skin drawn tight over his bones," (Chekhov 3).

"His reading suggested a man swimming in the sea among the wreckage of his ship and trying to first grab at one spar and then another" (Chekhov 4).
1 ruble = 0.02 U.S. dollars
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