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Nazi Medical Experiments

No description

Jamie Chao-Garcia

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Nazi Medical Experiments

Nazi Medical Experiments
Background Information
Experimented on Jewish and Gypsy people
Happened in concentration camps
Did it to advance German medicine
Conducted many different experiments
Types of experiments
High altitude
Bone, muscle, & joint transplant
Left them in agonizing, excruciating pain
No anesthetics during procedures
Put through cruel experiments
A lot of concentration prisoners died
Victims killed when the war ended
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Victim of high altitude experiment.
Born March 16, 1911
Doctor of Auschwitz
"Angel of Death"
Fascinated with twins
Helmut Gregor
Died February 7, 1979
Josef Mengele
Nazi Doctors
Aribert Heim
Born June 28, 1914
Doctor at the Mauthausen concentration camp
Experimented on Jewish prisoners
"Dr. Death"
Tarek Hussien Farid
Died August 10, 1992
By: Jamie Chao-Garcia
Hedvah & Leah Stern, Nazi medical victims
Bone, muscle, & joint transplant experiment.
Josef Mengele
Aribert Heim
Carl Clauberg
Herta Oberheuser
Karl Brandt
Sigmund Rascher
Carl Vaernet
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