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3.05 Media And Politics

No description

tracey collazo

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of 3.05 Media And Politics

3.05 Media And Politics
Tracey Collazo
My Media Item
"The Rail Splitter Repairing The Union" is a political cartoon created by Joseph E. Baker in 1865. The cartoon was made to represent President Lincoln being a nice man attempting to repair the Union after the Civil War. After his assassination Andrew Jackson wanted to go on with Lincolns plan and give the South fair treatment. They both trying to bring the Union together. I got the meaning within the political cartoon because it showed Jackson upon a globe stitching it together telling Lincoln ,"Take it easy Uncle Abe I will draw it closer than ever". Which gave me a hint that Andrew was trying to help Lincoln repair the Union. In the political cartoon Lincoln replies "A few more stitches Andy and the good old Union will be mended", this shows that Lincoln was also trying to repair the Union.
Joseph E. Baker has used symbolism appeal to announce the message within the cartoon. He uses the globe and stitches to symbolize the two men repairing the Union. The stitches help people view that the Union is split apart. The South is on the other side of the globe, separated from the rest of the Union.
Over time media has changed a lot because all sources of technology and writing has been upgraded. Before the only time this media was expressed was in newspapers and books. Now, we have magazines, talk shows about exciting events people like to gossip on, and the radio now does not really discuss news its mainly for music, people do not really listen to the weather reports on the radio. Media in the past was mainly controlled by 50 or more corporations and monitored by the government. Journalists would use the media to reveal the truth of concerned subjects. In the present, the radio is not controlled by government. People don't use the media for revealing truth anymore, they use it for ratings, and gossip. This really does affect political communication because people are not as concerned politics anymore. We learn about new laws really late because we don't pay attention to new influences in society.
How has the media changed over time? How has it affected political communications?
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