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Renaissance vs Medieval Art

No description

Matthew McDonald

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Renaissance vs Medieval Art


Draw 2 boxes like these in your book.
You have 30 seconds per nose to try and make as detailed a copy as possible!

What do you notices about their noses?
Which nose was harder to draw?

Why was it harder to draw?
Complete this paragraph:
The _______________ nose was harder to draw because _________________________________________________________ ______________________________________.

This tell us that Renaissance art was different to medieval art because _________________________________ _______________________________________.

These changes suggest that___________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________.

Human bodies are very simply drawn.
Everything looks a bit flat (2 dimensional).
Objects appear strange sizes – no sense of depth or perspective.
There is very little shading, everything is the same depth of colour.
A sense of
– people became more concerned humans and a little less about saints and religion. People all look different from each other, have more detailed faces, and look like real people.

Artists began to paint things as they were,
attention to detail
became very important.

perspective was used, giving things more depth and making things look more like they do in real life.

There is clear
, making things more 3 dimensional as closer objects appear larger.

was introduced - a place in the painting where your eyes are drawn.

Much more attention was paid to
light and shadow
in paintings.

do not have to be religious
in their focus and subject matter.
How painting changed during the renaissance:
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