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AS Media Studies Induction

No description

emma leslie

on 7 September 2016

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Transcript of AS Media Studies Induction

AS Media Studies Induction
What is Media Studies?
Key Questions
Course Content
OCR - 2 units
G321 - Foundation Portfolio.
G322 - Key Media Concepts. Section A - Textual Analysis and Representation Section B - Institutions and Audiences
Next Lesson
Magazine Portfolio G321
Starter activity
Student details

Genre categories

AS units


Today's menu
G321 - Foundation Portfolio
Planning - 20 marks
Production - 60 marks
Evaluation - 20 marks
Course booklet
5116000, option 4, ext.03758
Emma Leslie-Boddy
Plenary activity
50% of overall grade

What units are covered in AS Media?

What does Genre mean?

What does codes and conventions or form and conventions mean?

Music Magazine
Front page, contents and double page spread of a new music magazine

Print conventions
Audience and mode of address
Making meaning through still image
Layers of interpretation
Media and Identity
Music industry and music press
Popular culture and youth representations

Digital Photography
Desktop publishing – adobe photoshop for design
All images must be original – no downloads or copies
Photography is a critical part of print production
Need to use a digital camera

Think about what genre of music is appealing to you

Design an individual mood board on prezi

You will not just use music magazines as inspiration for your mood board

You might like colours/fonts/graphics/images
Preliminary Task: Front page and contents page of college magazine

Once completed, then, write a rationale for each different design element you have selected and place in the appropriate place on your prezi
Present to the class and see if they can guess the genre of music you have chosen.
Using the worksheet on Moodle design and write a short article for a music magazine. Q and A not permitted. Submit via Turnitin
More than just ‘using’ the media
Involves a complex interaction of skills including:
Analyse (or ‘reading’) the media
Why does this particular text exist?
What effect does a specific shot/sound/SFX/ light have?
How do you respond as an audience member?
Is the social/political background to the text reflected in the work?
How is this piece of media marketed?
What constitutes different genres? How does each genre demonstrate particular characteristics?

Media Key Concepts

How will the course be taught?
Watching media texts – good note-taking needed
Group activities/discussion
Interpretative skills
Reading of articles and other appropriate material
Essay writing
Quizzes/ tests
Mock Exams

90% attendance maintained - miss one lesson you miss 50% of weekly sessions
All deadlines strictly adhered to
Homework handed in on time.
This is a coursework intensive A level – it is essential you develop time management skills
Respect for other students
Media Studies is interpretative – be considerate of other opinions.
Ensure you pull your weight in group activities
Note taking
Ring binder
good attitude and an open mind

Recommended reading
Set up your blog
Enrolment task
hand in
Lanyards on please : )
1. What does
2. Identify genres of music
3. List some key '
codes and conventions'
of these genres
You will develop your list by talking to as many in the class as possible
ice breaker
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