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The Battle of Saratoga

No description

Eric Trinh

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of The Battle of Saratoga

The Battle of Saratoga took place on Friday October 7, 1777. The British surrendered on October 13, 1777. That time General John Bugoyne and General Clinton captured two American forts. They were going to attacked Albany, New York, but the American army was in the way.
General John Bugoyne lead 6600 troops at Saratoga. He planned to march south and meet General Clinton and split the colonies a half and stop the colonist from communication.
The Americans had 6600 troops before the battle, but when they finish about 130 of them were wounded or killed which was few compared to the British's loss.
The British also had 6600 soldiers, but they lost. They lost 670 soldiers out of the army. 5900 of them were captured by the Americans.
In the end the American troops still defeated the British at Saratoga. Although they still lost New Jork they were ready to defeat the British again
When the Battle Took Place
The Battle of Saratoga was in Saratoga County, New York. It was between the British's location and Albany, New York where the British planned to attack.
Where the Battle took Place
How the Battle Happened
Multiple Perspective
The Americans
Pictures of the American Generals
The British
British Officers
The Outcomes of the Battle
American Casualites
British Casualties
Who Won the Battle
American Army
British Army
The three americans Horaitio Gates, Benjamin Lincoln, and Benedict Arnold lead the Americans at Saratoga. They had an army of 6600 troops and they were blocking the British at Saratoga.
The Battle of Saratoga
A victory which will
change the thoughts of
the American people.

By: Jayden Browndorf and Eric Trinh
You for Watching
The British tried to attack the Americans a first try, but they failed. Later they attacked again and failed. They retreated to Saratoga where they were surrounded by the American Army.
The American Army in Battle
General Benedict Arnold
General Horiatio Gates
General Benjamin Lincoln

General John Bugoyne
General Clinton
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