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No description

Dana Dombrovska

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of HOTS

F & B
Hots city 1, team 1 Valeria Cicero Dana Dombrovska Andrea Moll Clarissa Maiwald Kate Sandurska Introduction Products &
Services Name & Logo Vision & Mission North Carolina White
“To be recognized and respected as one of the leading hotels in terms of service quality for the value of money in the Wilmington area.” Exceed guest’s expectations Committ to our people; to service; to profit Ensure our profit, quality and goals Refurbishment Extra facilities Staffing! Rooms Restaurant Front Desk Conference Center Business Services Internet Complimentary Items In-Room Entertainment Menu Food Suppliers Liquor Training Team Spirit Loyalty Staffing, Training and Pay Level Professionalism Leadership Lower turnover Higher guest satisfaction
Increased revenue Strategies Demand
Analysis Customers:
middle to upper management
30-50 year olds
family weekend trips Segmentation:
demographic & behavioural
not geographic Segments
Short stay (1-2 days)
Higher budget
Arrival on short notice

Cheaper as competitors
Business Facilities
Suited Packages Business Travelers Appeal
Short stay (1-2 days)
High budget
Busy (Stress)

Conference Facilities
Conference Packages Corporate Travelers
Longer stay (2-4 days/ 1 week)
Lower budget
Family & Friends

Family friendly
Hotel Special
Suited Packages
Cheaper Rates Leisure Travelers
Medium stay
Limited budget
Book over tour operator

Cheaper Rates
250 rooms
Suited Tour Packages
Special Facilities Tour Groups Appeal Appeal Appeal Turnaround Human Resources Marketing Main market segments: corporate and leisure Implementation of “differentiated-marketing” strategy: 1. To position and differentiate NC Hotel 2. To gain competitive advantage and unique selling point Objective: Maximise Motivation & Ability through... 1. Recruitment & Selection Process 2. Training
3. Staff Retention
4. Motivation
5. Staff Costs Cutting costs
Reducing Assets
Generating Revenue
Rebranding and Refocusing Financial Data Conclusion Recommendations Room Pricing Strategy - team work, great commitment, fun
- limitations of the program
- boring and outdated program, far from reality... If it was real business environment... Internet
Social Media
Innovation & Creativity
Customized services
HOTS simulation setback... Financial resources: more L3 renovations, minibar, parking, etc. Analyze the target markets throughout If business market is well developed, implementing quick check-in/out, etc FLEXIBILITY & INNOVATION In YO the rates of NC Hotel were significantly higher than their competition
Room rates averaged with industry averages of North Carolina
Rates applied for each market segment and depending on the seasonality reduced in order to attract each specific customer segment
Inflation rate of 1,5% considered NC Hotel Room Rates Industry Rates Key Ratios Forecast References When a business is in decline and costs are bigger than profits, a turnaround strategy needs to be implemented in order to increase market share. (Solnet, Paulsen, & Cooper, 2010) Methodology & Limitations Group members knowledge and industry experience, as well:
Online Research:
Online Websites/Online Journals/ Databases
Academic Text Books & Journals Methodology Limitations Time Constraint
Limited access to information
Not clear guidelines
No HOTS simulation (Precision Intermedia, n.d.) (Fombrun et al., 1984) (Herzberg, 2003; Viorel, L., Aurel, M., Virgil, M., & Stefania, P., 2009) (Fombrun et al., 1984) (Fombrun et al., 1984) Fombrun et al. (1984). Strategic Human Resource Management. In Google Books. Retrieved September 11, 2010, from http://books.google.ch/books?id=WQ0YC_eP8cwC&lpg=PP1&dq=fom%20brun&hl=fr&pg=PP1#v=onepage&q&f=false

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Viorel, L., Aurel, M., Virgil, M., & Stefania, P. (2009). EMPLOYEES MOTIVATION THEORIES DEVELOPED AT AN INTERNATIONAL LEVEL. Annals of the University of Oradea, Economic Science Series, 18(4), 324-328. Retrieved February 20, 2011, from EBSCOhost. (HOTS, 2010d) (HOTS, 2010e) (HOTS, 2010e) (HOTS,2010a) (Kotler, P., Armstrong, G., Wong, V., & Saunders, J.,2008) (North Carolina Department of Commerce, 2010) (Landeta, J., Barrutia, J., & Hoyos, J., 2009)
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