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Ryan Jensen

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Vocab

Scientists need to classify organisms because then they're easier to study and collect data and traits of unknown organisms the scientists can compare organisms already classified with the unknown ones
We use:
Physical Structure
Evolutionary relationships
embryonic similarities
genetic similarities
biochemical similarities
We name organisms by using taxonomy. The creator of this system was Carolus Linnaeus
Taxanomic Key
White Ash Red Oak White Oak Pasture Rose
Number Of Leaves
White Ash Pasture Rose <--> Red Oak White Oak

No <---- Flower ----> Yes Red Oak <----Pointy Rounded---->White Oak
White Ash Pasture Rose

We classify organisms by:
How do we name organisms and who created the system
What do we use to classify organisms together today
What Are The Groups
Why Do scientists classify organisms
Taxonomy- The science or technique of classification
Classification- The act of classifying
Organism- A form of life composed of mutually interdependent parts that maintain various vital processes
Branching Tree-A map of genetically related organisms that portrays their similarities
Common Ancestor- A common relation to a different organism and a trait that both individuals have
Taxonomic Key- A device used by biologists to identify unknown organisms
Classification presentation
We classify organisms by:
Where they live
What they eat
In what ways do we classify organisms
The three criteria are cell type, abiity to make food or not, and number of cells
What are the three criteria used for classification
The 6 Characteristics of Life
1. Cellular Organization
2. Energy
3. Reproduce
4. Grow and Develop
5. Respond and change
6. Adapt and Evolve
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