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The Social Implications Of E-Commerce

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Jack Arnell

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of The Social Implications Of E-Commerce

Agenda The Is The Internet Affecting the way we shop? The Economic and Social Impact Of E-Commerce The Social Implications By Jack Arnell The Introduction How Technology is changing E-Commerce Due to the rise of the Internets use, e-commerce (online marketing/ sales) is rising in popularity everyday.

During my research I have found that click only sites such as Amazon are most popular, I believe this is because they concentrate only selling products online.

Although big retailers such as Tesco and John Lewis have been benefiting from more and more brick and click shoppers joining the trend. Giving financial and personal data over the internet How does online advertising assist E-Commerce So the Question is do you think e-commerce is effecting the world positively? Of E-Commerce Nowadays people are becoming to lazy to go the supermarket, so they shop online. Consumers find it easier due to the amount e-commerce has changed and how it has become very efficient, due to the services which come with it like delivery.

Also shopping online saves a lot of time, and people these days have very busy timetables, and are unable to go shopping at a supermarket.

Instead they can sit on there computer at home or perhaps at there work place on there break and complete there shop with in 10 minutes and get it delivered to there house when they are free. I believe that e-commerce is having a very positive economic impact, this is because of the jobs that are being created because of it.

For instance Tesco has recently opened a new dotcom store in Crawley which has created another 700 jobs, and is now there fifth dotcom store. This is due to the rise of people online shopping.

E-commerce is also having a massive world wide social impact and is growing rapidly everywhere. When looking at the latest BBC news stories I found out that businesses in china and India are profiting from it. Due to technology advancing, e-commerce sites are becoming easier to use, so allows consumers to navigate simply around there different products.

Recently programmers have created a completely interactive shopping experience, allowing consumers to navigate around a virtual store. This brings a whole new experience to shopping, and i believe it will it excite people to use the interactive store, so will create more profit for the supermarkets which use the program. If the virtual store creates more brick and click business for supermarkets, retailers will have to employ more staff to cope with the demand of orders. This shows you how much technology can benefit the economy. In my survey to investigate wherever consumers are worried about giving financial information over the internet, i found out that the majority of people are although the results show that many people are not worried about it.

Unless you are not using the correct security software on your computer to protect it from malicious files such as virus's which result in key loggers, when entering personal and financial information on brick and click sites you should not be worried, as they use a secure connection called SSL.

This is a protocol which provides communication security over the internet, so hackers are unable to view your information All the recipients who completed my survey said that they use the internet more then 7 hours a week so that's at least one hour day, although in other research it is found out that the average person who has a computer uses the internet 13 hours a week.

As people use the internet so much it positively affects online advertising. The more views a website gets the more they can charge to advertise on it. Leading company's such as google make billions from other firms paying to advertise on there services. I asked this question is my survey, and by rounding the results up I found out that 77% of them think that e-commerce is effecting us well, although 23% disagree and do not believe e-commerce is helping us.

Some people may not like the change that e-commerce is bringing, but they will have to put up with it, as e-commerce sales in 2002 came to a grand total of 72billion, and during a 10 year gap that figure had risen to a even greater number of 256billion.

This and other amazing facts shown during my presentation allows you to see how significantly e-commerce is changing the world.
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