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Totem Poles

No description

Katie Head

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Totem Poles

What is a totem pole? Carving Symbols The Final Product Your Turn! A totem pole is like a book that you might read. Totem poles are used to pass stories from one generation to another. Totem poles are carved out of giant cedar trees. After a cedar tree falls, carvers begin by carving symbols at the top of the tree and work toward the bottom. Totem Poles Create a totem pole that includes at least three symbols that represents your personality and strengths. You must include a written explanation of each symbol and how it specifically applies to your life. Totem poles are also made to...

Tell a family story or legend
Honor the dead
Commemorate a birth A totem pole might be more than 60 feet high and take 2-3 years to carve Tools and Paint The Costal Indians used homemade tools for carving. They also made paint from bark, coal, clay, copper, berries, and shells that were mixed with salmon eggs. Adz: Worked like an ax Maul: made of stone with a wooden handle Salmon eggs were used for paint . Thunderbird - Most powerful of all the spirits; the personification of "chief." Bear - Represented a teacher who taught people how to fish. Bears also symbolize strength and power. Killer Whale - Honored as strong and brave fish. Legend said the killer whales would bring food or assistance to the wounded. Raven - A cultural hero of the Coast Indian peoples who had magical powers and could change himself into anything. Wolf - revered as a good hunter and associated with the special spiritual powers necessary to heal the sick.
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