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anne twohill

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of TRAVEL

French culture is rich and thriving. Graphic art such as painting and sculpture is prominent around France and has produced many famous artists like Claude Monet.
The theatre, opera, and dance also feature heavily in France. Poetry and folktales led in pre-modern France, while poetry is till popular today (Danahay n.d.).
French dishes are universally accepted as national cuisine or regional cuisine reflecting French heritage, region of birth, social status and health. (Food in Every Country,2014).
Popular dishes: Coq au vin, Pate, Crepes, Ratatouille, Escargots, Croque Monsier, Creme Brulee, Foie Gras and seafood is also plentiful. Most popular bread is a baguette.
( French Desire n.d.)
New Zealand

France is the most admired country in the world, enticing 83 million visitors per annum. The most popular tourist destinations are:

*PARIS- Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and Muse d'Orsay.

*PROVENCE- The Gorges du Verdon and Natioanl Park of Calangues.

*FRENCH RIVIERA- for its superb cafes and coastlines

*DISNEYLAND - Theme park
(France as a tourist destinantion, 2014)

Tourism has become a popular leisure for many people across the globe, both at a National and International level. Tourism plays a major part in a lot of countries around the world, often being a major source of income, which effects the countries economy.
Hundreds of millions of people travel annually to thousands of destinations to many of the worlds top destinations. Four of these popular destinations are France, Italy, Ireland and New Zealand, with peoples interests in the areas of culture, cuisine, tourism and climates.
The north and south of Italy differ a lot in weather.The north of Italy have harsh cold winters and heavy snowfalls. the summers are sunny and fresh.The south have hotter and drier summers and temperatures above 30 degree Celsius. The winters are milder and snowfall is rare. (World Travel Guide n.d)
New Zealand
New Zealand is surrounded by great seafood and is famous for their Marlborough green lipped mussels.It has world class beef and lamb. A traditional Maori method of cooking is hangi. Which involves cooking with heated rocks buried in a pit oven. Pavlova, is a Kiwi favourite topped with the nation Kiwi fruit (Favourite New Zealand foods n.d.).
Content and Credibility
France has four seasons, winter there is plenty of snow (rarely in Paris), spring offers nice weather for swimming, summers are hot for tanning and beaches whilst autumn sees the return of rain to cool the weather down in time for Christmas. (France 2014).
Ireland is infamous for its many spectacular castles, which prove popular with tourists.
The most popular tourist destinations are:
* St Patrick's Cathedral- It sees 300 000 visitors a year.
*Blarney Castle
*Belfast Castle
*The Cliffs of Moher (Authentic Ireland n.d.).
One of the most recognisable European cultures, Italy’s culture is rich with arts, architecture, music, cars, fashion, film, literature, sports and cuisines. Italian’s are considered quite friendly, family oriented people who love a good debate and appreciate the moment.
(Italian Legacy 2014).
Most commonly known for their high dietary intake of potatoes. Ireland offers a quality range of dishes such as traditional Irish stew, Irish soda bread, corned beef with cabbage and champ. Fresh soda bread, a crusty brown bread made from whole-wheat flour and buttermilk is the national dish for Ireland. (Food in Every Country 2014)
New Zealand is home to two islands with highly photogenic forests, mountains, beaches, glaciers, thermal regions and fiords that have been well-reserved.
The 10 top tourist attractions are,
*Coromandel Peninsula,
*Abel Tasman National Park,
*Sky Tower,
*Franz Josef Glacier,
*Tongariro National Park,
*Napier art deco,
*Bay of Islands and
*Milford Sound.
(Touropia. 2014).
New Zealand's maritime climate is temperate with moderately high rainfall. The North Island is sub tropical, South island is cooler especially the lower corner with winds coming off Antarctica.
Snow appears in the central North Island and large areas of perpetual snow and glaciers within the southern alps of the South Island (Virtual New Zealand Facts,2014).


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Colloseum in Rome

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Italy has more world heritage sites than any other country in the world.
Must see tourist attractions:
* Vatican museums
*Sistine Chapel
*Ancient ruins of Pompeii
and Colosseums
*Mount Etna
Accommodation available: hotels, hostels and camping.
(Must See Italy, 2012).
Italian food is known for its simplicity, most dishes only using four ingredients. Most popular cuisine are pasta, tomatoes and cheeses. However, Italian food is changing through the centuries, with the introduction of more potatoes, peppers, fruit and vegetables.
Cheese coffee and wine also play a major role in the daily intake of the Italians.
(Italian food, Italy 2014)
Ireland's average summer day consists of 15dg c, humidity and light rain is a common daily occurrence.
Down to an average 5dg C in winter, which can consist of rain, ice and often snow and fog.
Spring and autumn between average between 5-15 dgs
IRELAND - you’ll experience four seasons in a day.

World travel is a norm in our society today and having reliable, relevant information that is easily accessible with 'what we want to know and what we need to know' (Swinburne Online 2013), assists potential tourists in making informed choices.
Our four destinations are some of the worlds most popular countries to visit.
Our multi modal presentation has demonstrated their uniqueness, diversity in culture, cuisine, climate and iconic attractions.
So if you are leaving on a jet plane soon, hopefully, this presentation has given you some credible information to help you decide on your your next destination.
Ireland's Gaelic culture is rich in music, literature, art, cuisine and sport.
Folklore, legends and myths, Irish Blessings and celebrations such as
St Patrick's Day continue to live
on in Irish culture.
Irish pubs are a gathering place to
share a story, a traditional
malt whiskey or Guinness.
(YourIrish Direct from Ireland 2012).
There are two main cultures in New Zealand, the Maori and Pākehā. The Maori people were the first settlers, with their roots stemming back to their Polynesian tribes who migrated in the 1300’s with the oldest culture on the Pacific Islands.
The Pākehā culture consists of British settlers, who took a mixture of, Irish, Italian and other European groups and made it their own 200 years ago.
(New Zealand tourism guide, 2014)

The websites in this research were used after basing their credibility on using Metzger's critical evaluation skills. While researching these websites, this checklist was used to determine the credibility of the websites: the accuracy of the website, the date it was last updated, the qualifications of the author, citations and references used, the presence of contact information and the comprehensiveness of the website. (Metzger 2007).
Websites used have been deemed as credible and were selected based on these concepts.
(Paris monthly climate average graph
(Tourist attractions New Zealand.
(French cuisine
(Food in Ireland
Average temperature graph for Rome
Belfast yearly average temperature graph
Wellington yearly average temperature graph
Claude Monte
The Hangi of the Maori
St. Patrick's Cathedra
l n.d.)
Flag of Italy
Tongue, lamb brain, kidney and other French cuisine as illustrated in the image above (
The Observe on Sunday,August 29, 2014
Flag of Ireland
Flag of New Zealand

Flag of France
Italian cuisine
Eiffel tower Paris
Traditional Maori
Irish Dance as illustrated in the image above (n.d.).
4 Leaf Clover
Vintage Luggage Parmiters Antiques Southsea
Flag of Italy
Flag of France
Flag of New Zealand
Flag of Ireland
(Colosseum in Rome

By : Group 1
Bianca Elwood
Sharon Roberts
Anne Twohill
Natasha White
Colosseum in Rome
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