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No description

Rafael Rebollar

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Exhibition

Thank You!
Independent Project
I did my class product
Science expirement on improving soccer players skills
I currently go to Valley View Elementry
There I play games with the students,grade papers,show them new games,take care of the classes,and help Miss Bland as much as possible.
I am in individual group because I have responsibility,I can represent M.E.C,and I am a role model.
Next year: work out gym or something to actually do with soccer
Credits and Grades
6.668 total credits
English F,Geometry A,World Geography D,Earth Science B
No plans for summer
Math I am doing CSM learn on the computer
Projects next year on English and World Geography for credits
Why does being a studentat at a Big Picture/Early College school work for me?
Teachers help A LOT!
1 on 1 actually help
Advisory and getting to really know people
Fifth year program
Even though I get in arguments with the teachers they never give up on me
My Final Freshmen Exhibition
Did not do independent projet
Did not set up with teacher
Any Questions?
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