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No description

Jackie Nguyen

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Divergent

In the Utopian lifestyle of Divergent, there are 5 factions that one has to join. They are Abnegation, Candor, Erudite, Dauntless, and Amity. Failure to join a faction would leave a person factionless - the equivalent to being homeless. Without factions, the people have no purpose. Each faction believes that one trait led to the corruption of humanity.

Abnegation - The Selfless (Greed)
Candor - The Honest (Lying)
Erudite - The Intelligent (Lack of kn
Dauntless - The Brave (Cowardice)
Amity - The Peaceful (Violence)

This shows the trust between Tris and Four. They have to learn to trust each other through out the book because they're both divergent which can get them killed if anyone finds out.
This novel takes place in the future where the world is being rebuilt after a Society has collapsed.Tris joins the Dauntless Faction and fights to survive the onslaught of events, and to keep her secret of being Divergent.
Face your fears. In Divergent, the Dauntless must learn how to face their fears and overcome them in multiple fear simulations. The Dauntless have to be fearless in order to protect the factions from the outsiders.
Through the course of this book, the story will follow this girl named Beatrice. Not only is this story about the difficult times but it will follow through her love life with four also.
In the dauntless faction they played capture the flag,spared, paintball, and threw knifes. They always wanted action and were ready to fight when called upon.
"Best book ever." - President Obama
Testimonies may or may not be from a reliable source
"Wish I could write a book like Divergent." - J.K Rowling
"This is a good book" -FVHS Librarian when I checked it out
Now in stock at your local library!!!
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