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The Phosphorus Cycle

No description

Marlo Towle

on 4 September 2015

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Transcript of The Phosphorus Cycle

Phosphorus in Rocks
Phosphorus does not enter the atmosphere in the form of a gas.
It remains mostly in rocks, soil, and dissolved in water as its organic form.
The phosphate in the rock responds to natural causes, and is slowly warped into more concentrated mounds of rock (mountains)
Geologic Uplifting
Weathering of Phosphate from rocks and Runoff into soil
Plants Absorb Phosphate from Soil
Animals Eat the Plants
Animals Die; Decomposers
Phosphate Dissolved in Water
The phosphate in the rock responds to natural causes (Ice sheets melting, mountains building, and earthquakes), and is slowly warped into more concentrated mounds of rock (mountains)
This allows for the phosphate that is in the rock to rise out of the water with time, and starting the cycle again.
Phosphorus is a nutrient for plants
Makes DNA, RNA, and lipids
Less phosphorus=Less crop yield
When plants absorb, they make it into organic compounds
Phosphate in Soil
As animals consume the plants and consume each other, phosphorus travels through the food web
Same benefits
The Phosphorus Cycle
Phosphate does not enter the atmosphere but stays in the soil, rocks, and oceans
It is inorganic when in these places
The phosphate latches on to soil particles
When animals die the phosphorus they have absorbed and gained from the plants they ate gets released
Turns the phosphorus back into inorganic compounds
The phosphorus in the soil leaks into the water
Caused by vertical water movement
When the phosphorus levels get high in the water, large algal blooms happen
Small amounts prevent corrosion
Too much causes a loss of dissolved oxygen in the water
Rocks get weathered down by rain and wind and the phosphate runs off into the soil
Major cause of loss of phosphate in farms and for crops
By Marlo Towle, Isabel Peralta, Rachael Clawson, and Ashton Westenburg
Hey, there soil! Wanna be buddies?
Oh, yeah! Phosphorus is working it's magic right there, baby!
Nooooooo! Please! Don't eat me! I'm just a poor, innocent plant!
What a cool way to go!
Wow, phosphorus rocks, man!
(Singing)So lift me up when it's all over...when I'm wiser and I'm older
Look who's at the top, now! Go phosphorus!
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