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Finding the Hidden Gems in JD Edwards - Chicago with Insight Software

Call it "low hanging fruit" or "cherry picking" or "hidden gems"--the objective is the same: get more benefits from your current investment in JD Edwards

Andy Klee

on 20 October 2010

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Transcript of Finding the Hidden Gems in JD Edwards - Chicago with Insight Software

Finding the Hidden Gems
in JD Edwards
Financials & Distribution Hierarchical Category Codes
Automated Cash Receipts
Structured Subledgers
Reconciling Received Not Vouchered Account to Open Receipts Sales Order Document Types
Restricting Items for Sale by Customer Group/Item Group
"Bad" Prices Hierarchical Category Codes Too many Sales Order Document Types? SD - Direct Ship SB Blanket Order ST - Transfer Order SO - Sales Order CO - Credit Order Anyone have just a few more for
accounting or reporting reasons? Another reason that extra order types exist -- different order activity rules. Use Flex Accounting to drive revenue/cost to different subaccounts depending on category codes at the item/customer level Next Order Status Preference can direct orders through a different series of steps, using the same document type. Restricting Items for Sale
by Customer/Item Groups JDE Setup
Include/Exclude flag
One record per item for every customer
How many records do you need to exclude
300 items from 1000 customers? Could there be a better way to do it? Three steps:
Use category codes for customer groups/item groups subject to restrictions.
Add a zero-price adjustment to your price schedule with the ‘mandatory adjustment’ flag turned on.
Set up price detail records for every allowed combination of customer group and item group. That’s basically it. If you enter a sale for a combination of item and customer which is not allowed you will get a hard error.

Read "Preventing User Mistakes in Sales and Purchase Order Entry", and watch the YouTube video. (Search for JDEtips at YouTube.) "Bad" Prices Automated Cash Receipts When to use it? What is the benefit? 40 or more receipts / day
Match up to 90% of invoices For further information: Automated Cash Receipts
Setup and Processing by Bob DeMartino Structured Subledgers Subledgers are not the same as subsidiary accounts!
Example: Subledger used to track costs against a project. For further study: Understanding and Using Subledger Accounting, by Hartley Farmer

Reconciling the Received Not Vouchered Account to Open Receipts PO Receipt:
Open PO Receipts table updated
RNV Account in the G/L credited

Vendor Invoice Matched clears:
Open PO Receipt
RNV Account
& A/P Voucher created The envelope, please:

Voucher Matching process can be skipped

“Intermittent updating issues” with the Open Receipts table

Manual Journal Entries could be going against the RNV account. No as-of reporting capability for Open Unvouchered Receipts

G/L Date (DGJ) of the last activity for a PO Number in the F0911 is not on any Unvouchered Receipts reports If you have skipped the matching process and you correct this, you'll remove a duplicate liability.

This results in crediting an Income Statement account-->which increases your bottom line profit. For additional information, download these articles from JDEtips:
Procedure For Clearing and Reconciling Received Not Vouchered
Received Not Vouchered: Discover Hidden Incremental Profits
Reconciling the Received Not Vouchered Account
Procurement to G/L Integrity - Rcvd. Not Vouchrd As Of Report Are you doing too many price only credits? Why? Chances are, this is happening due to
sales orders being incorrectly priced. The result? Plus lots of time spent generating
price only credits. What do you do now to try to get
accurate prices into JDE? How about using the new
Mass Maintenance and Search
Agent functionality in JDE? JDE now has search agents, which are a lot easier to use
to group items and customers that need to have prices updated. Good News! Values validated against a user defined code table. Why doesn't the total open receipts equal the
balance in the Received not Vouchered Account in the G/L? SO... Remember, prices can be tested in the live environment, without adding a sales order. Financials Distribution Another way to restrict sales by item group/customer group:
Next Order Status Preference
Set up disallowed combinations
Order Entry will bump these lines to a different next status JDEtips is about helping you unleash the power of JD Edwards. Training (public and onsite classes) Training Manuals JDEtips Journal Consulting (application/technical) http://www.JDEtips.com JDEtips...
Journal - 7,000 pages of articles, 500 subscribing companies
Training - onsite & public - 3500 students
JDE Consulting - 300 clients
JDE Training Manuals for sale
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