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Pioneers on the Oregon Trail

No description

Marisa Focher

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Pioneers on the Oregon Trail

The pioneers had to leave in April. If they left too early, there would be no grass for their animals to eat, and they'd starve. And if they left too late, they would run into winter snowstorms, which would slow them down. Pioneers on the Oregon Trail
By:Marisa Focher Wagons:
they had cotton covers with linseed oil to keep the rain out. "Most were equipped with tool boxes, water containers, and spare axles."(Underwood, 1). weather:
weather on the trail in the summer was anything from thunderstorms, rainstorms, and lightening to hail the size of baseballs!! For information on how much and what food to bring, the pioneers turned to their traveler's guides for guidance. most pioneers brought along whiskey, brandy or rum as a way to keep busy. A typical amount of food for 1 adult on the journey would include:
75 lbs. bacon
2 lbs. flour
5 lbs. coffee
25 lbs. sugar
1 bushel dried fruit without refrigeration in the wagons, pioneers had to rely on non-perishable items, such as pickled vegetables and bread. One common animal on the trail was the Western Rattlesnake, "Whose poisonous bite can kill if not treated." (Wachman,1) Bison were a very common animal found on the Oregon Trail. Wolves and coyotes were regularly killed by the pioneers for food. The jobs of women on the trail included:
washing, & mending Women also had to take care of the children and the sick onthe trail. Also, women had to care for the children and the sick on the Oregon Trail.
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