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Pop Rock

No description

Annessa Ismail

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Pop Rock

Characteristics of pop rock
The basic characteristics of pop rock music are: loud drums, catchy bass lines and powerful vocal hooks.

Pop rock songs are usually in a verse-chorus form and in a 4/4 time signature, with heavily accentuated "on" beats. The standard line-up of a pop rock group contains four members. A guitarist, a bass player, a vocalist and a drummer. Keyboards, organs, synthesizers and pianos have also been heavily used in this genre.

Pop rock music shares many of the same characteristics as pop, but with more musicianship, live performances, serious lyrical themes and authenticity.

Characteristics of the Pop rock genre
- Electric Guitars: Main instrument used in pop rock

- Bass guitar: Popularized through the jazz movement in the 1950s

- Drum kit: The fusion of drums and cymbals, used as the spine of a song.

- Standard 4/4 time signature.

- Verse-Chorus form.

- Wide variety of lyrical themes.

- repetitive hooks and riffs.

- light and catchy pop lyrics.
Google defines pop-rock as “a music genre which mixes a catchy pop style, of light lyrics, in its (typically) guitar-based rock songs. There are varying definitions of the term, ranging from a slower and mellower form of rock music to a subgenre of pop music.” Other conventions of the pop-rock music genre include an individualist clothing style that contains a lot of black and very bright colours and there are usually shots of the artist playing the given musical instrument used in the song.
Joel Madden – lead vocals
Benji Madden – guitar, vocals
Dean Butterworth – drums, percussion
Serge Dmitrijevic – lead guitar, bass
Vintz Scheuerman – guitar

The Madden Brothers: We are done (analysis)
Scale: B Minor
Time Signature: 4/4
Tempo: 121
Genre: Pop Rock

Starting out with a light guitar pattern that continues on throughout the verses, the song has a 70s feel to it, especially when you add in in Benji's vocals. These elements are elevated further with the huge gospel vibe of the chorus, the harmonisations dramatically singing out, 'we are done with being a silent many, every voice rings out and carries'. If you heard this song unaware of who it was, you wouldn't guess in a million years that it was written by the creators of such rock hits as 'The Anthem' and 'Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous'.

It’s not long before the groove is set by the bass and the drums, there is a whistling going on that gets stuck in your head; when the vocal kicks in There is definitely a 70s influence present in the track, the chorus is catchy but still keeping the entities of rock still in place. The vibe going on with We Are Done is a completely unexpected direction taken by The Madden Brothers. They have managed to use the influence derived from 70s rock to create a radio friendly modern take on the era without trying too hard. Just when you thought the melody of the verse was going to be consistent throughout the song’s entirety, the chorus changed the dynamic to a more punchier and edgier sound. It has the characteristics of pop rock as it has a 4/4 time signature, repetitive hooks that are clearly represented in the intro and throughout the song, powerful bass lines that is created by the steady use of the drum kit, incorporates pop lyrics and heavily uses guitars and and has a powerful chorus and heavily accents on beats that sends out a strong lyrical theme and moral to the song itself.

Why is Pop Rock successful
I have learned that the conventions of a pop-rock has changed overtime however they still have kept some elements such as music instruments being played by the artists to show their musical talent. I have also learned that the genre has increasingly become popular overtime and most audiences are appealed to this genre now. Pop Rock gives us the option to listen to something that is less harsh like rock music but still keeping most of the characteristics of rock music with catchy pop lyrics combined to create the fusion of pop rock that appeals more to the general audience rather than a sub-culture.
The Madden Brothers: We are done (sound file)
Genre: Pop Rock
What is Pop Rock?
The Madden Brothers
The Madden Brothers are an American pop rock duo made up of brothers Joel Madden and Benji Madden, both of whom are also founding members of the rock band Good Charlotte
I want you to know
It’s time to go
Yeah we are done
I want you to see
That I need (oh) to be free

(Done done done done done done)
We are done
(Done done done done done done)
We are...

Done with being a silent many
Every voice rings out and carries
No we won’t just go back
Home without you hearing
The sound when the many say
We are done

You, first brought the sun
For everyone, uh here to see
Why, does it always change
To guns and chains, eventually

(Done done done done done done)
We are done
(Done done done done done done)
We are...




www.directlyrics.com › AZ › The Madden Brothers
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