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Fashion in the 1990's

A slideshow for Design class on fashion trends in the 1990's compared to today.

Amanda Ba

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Fashion in the 1990's

Fashion of the Decades:
1990s Amanda Ba EARLY 1990s Women's Trends MID 1990s grundge look, hippie look, high-waisted jeans, plaid, designer wear LATE 1990s EARLY 1990s Men's Trends MID 1990s LATE 1990s STYLES Youth Trends GENERAL TRENDS Analyze Works Cited McEvoy, Anne. Fashions of a Decade: The 1990s. New York: Infobase Publishing, 2001. Print.

Steele, Valerie. Fifty Years of Fashion: New Look to Now. Paris, France: Yale University, 2006. Print.





INTRODUCTION The 1990s was the start of our current fashion. Know as the "anti-fashion era", this period of time was when fashion first began to cycle. Styles from previous times were being reused and turned into new fads. The 1990s was know for it's continued trend in big, curly, teased hair for girls, and straight long hair for guys in the beginning, but later women's hairstyles became long and straight, and men's were increasingly shorter. In addition to the hair, new music had a huge influence on clothing. Many artists in different genres of music would have their own style of clothes, and people would dress like what they listened to. Fashion began to expand to a worldwide business, and clothing from different cultures were brought into America. Tattoos and piercings became a common thing, instead of something that was taboo. The options were endless, and people could dress however they wanted. TOP MODELS Cindy Crawford Linda Evangelista Kate Moss Tyra Banks Neon, leggings, oversized tops, exercise wear, preppy look TOP DESIGNERS pastel, crop tops, tanks, flip flops, miniskirts, modern fashion grundge, flannel, tight jeans, aviators, converse Hawaiian shirts, loafers, hip-hop fashion, camouflage, overalls streetwear, cargo pants, shorts, hoodies, air pumps, casual and smart businesswear goth, neon, grundge, Disney, hip-hop, preppy SPACE FORM LINE TEXTURE SHAPE Recap
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