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Untitled Prezi

Sara & Jamie B&GC

Jamie Himes

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Sara L'Amoreaux
Jamie Himes

The Boys and Girls Club
North Lake Tahoe

Mission Statement
"What Does Kings Beach Mean to you?"
Zephyr Lodge

Opened in 1998
Member fee $50
Provides after school programs for kids
53% Males and 47% Females
52% White, 44% Hispanic, 4% Other
"The mission of the BGC&NLT is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their highest potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens."
Coloring Kings Beach
- Very fun day with kids and staff!

- Last Sunday for the Power Hounds, the Boys and Girls Club involved them with a mural which now hangs in Zephyr Lodge

-We both set up, cooperated, and left with very positive attitudes

: Teens and I created a "fantasy," world through the BGC letters where they could escape the Here and Now of their conscious and develop something they only dream about

BGCNLT provides a safe, structured and positive environment for young people before and after school, during holidays and summer vacation.

-A safe place to learn and grow

-Ongoing relationships with caring, adult professionals

-Life-enhancing programs and character development experiences

-Hope and opportunity
Project Development
What I did
: Worked in the Teen Center,
gathered a group of teenagers to create their very own mural to hang above the Teen Center
-Intimidating, challenging, but accomplishing
What I Read
: Book Called," Play," by Stuart Brown
"When we stop playing, we start dying"

Book called, "Mural With Blue Brushstrokes"
Artist Roy Lichtenstein who became a Pop Artist and built a five story high, complex, colorful and bold mural
Looked for a challenge = Teenagers

They Inspired me, to inspire them, and we created a beautiful mural that hangs in B&GCNLT

: Brought a group of bored teenagers together, let them express their inner self on a 10' mural

: How bright the teenagers are and how capable they are of anything they put themselves to
Open Art
Open Gym
Power Hour
Robotics Club
Cooking Club
Clay Club
and other activities
Roll out 200lbs of clay.
Allow the clay to dry slightly, cut into pieces and make different shapes.
When they are completely dry fire them in the kiln.
Mark and lay out the size of each pot and lay tiles in the area.
Paint each tile according to color plan and design.
Fire again in the kiln, to make a shiny colorful tile
Lay out each flower pot design with tiles, glue to concrete, then use grout.
Crayon Melting
Boys and Girls Club of North Lake Tahoe

While BGCNLT is affiliated with the national organization, it is managed by a local board and supported by local donors.
The Club also offers 7th-12th graders their own space, specialized programming, resources like books, computers, SAT prep, sports leagues and more. The Teen Center is open daily until 7:00 pm.
This is a project to give back to the community and to allow the kids to help out and get involved and to allow the community to come together and help out too.

We are revamping the 3 concrete flower pots at the Kings Beach Event Center with a mosaic design. We chose to do a Summer, Fall, and Winter mountain scene.
Field Trip to SNC
We gave a tour around the SNC art building.
After we let the kids work hands on with the equipment in the ceramics room.
Rolled out clay and cut the tiles pieces.
Getting the Community involved!
Set up a community day of painting tiles at Mellow Fellow.
Was able to talk about the project and what we are doing and talk about the BGCNLT.
Steps to making a mosaic from scratch:
Why it is important doing art with the kids of the BGCNLT...
-To leave a mark in the community that they will always be able to go and see

-Art provides opportunities for self-expression, bringing the inner world into the outer world of concrete reality

-Allows us to use our whole brain, not just the left side
This is why we are both serving the kids with our personal experience
According to http://www.bgcnlt.org/
Alice In Wonderland....
Psychology & Art
Beneficial to me
First time painting a mural
Challenging myself
Learn about BGCNLT
The Beginning
-Met with teens on Tuesday's
- Brainstormed
-Picked topic/title/theme

-Gathered materials
-Shared what I learned at SNC

-Integrated both of my disciplines
Idea Sparked....
Went for it!
Began Painting..
Jose Gonzalez
Emeline Rios
Nicole Evans
Mural Here
Blank Wall...
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