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No description

Millie Woods

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of Nanoparticles

These are molecules of carbon within nanoparticles shaped like hollow or .The carbon atoms are arranged in hexagonal rings.
and certain candy-coated chocolates
Nanoparticles And Their Properties
We hope you enjoyed our presentation on nanotechnology

Millie & Flo :)
Nanoparticles have a very
The nanometre is the unit of measurement
used on an atomic level: 1nm = 10^-9m
surface area compared with their
so they are often able to react very
You could
roughly a
across a
cm = 1/100
µm = 1/1000 000
nm = 1/1000 000 000
Nanoscience is the study of
whose size is on the nanometre scale
(1 - 100 nanometres)
Forces of attraction between surfaces can appear to be weak on a large scale...
But on a nanoscale they are STRONG!!
Atoms on the surface of a material are often more reactive than those in the center, so a large surface area means the material is more reactive.
The diagram shows how the cubes have the same volume, but the one on the right has a much larger surface area.
Nanotechnology is the design and creation of machines that are so small...
We measure them in nanometres
There are two approaches to making molecular machines. You can:
Sculpt at materials until you are left with the molecules or atoms that you want on the surface.
Build your machine up from individual atoms or molecules
This method is used in microelectronics
2 key factors cause the properties of nanomaterials to be special: their
and their
quantum effects
Their tiny structure means they have a greater relative surface area than other materials and this can alter or improve properties...
Such as
Electrical Characteristics
Property improvements can include:
Thermal conductivity
These property improvements has resorted in the
development of -
New cosmetics eg sun cream and deodorant, the small particles do their job and don't leave white marks on the skin
Some cosmetics contain 'liposomes'.
Which are fatty nanoparticles
Liposomes also have great potential in the
pharmaceutical industry, as they can deliver tiny does of medicines direct to cells.
A military battle suit that can withstand blast waves (being developed by the institute of soldier nanotechnologies)
Water-repellent and anti-bacterial coatings
Sensors that use nanoparticles to detect one type of molecule.
These highly specific sensors are being
used to test water purity.
Antimicrobial silver nanoparticles are used in socks. This stops them from absorbing the smell of sweaty feet as the nanoparticles have anti-bacterial properties.
Nanotubes conduct electricity, so they can be used in tiny electric circuits for computer chips.
Wear and scratch-resistant hard coatings
A more protective sun cream has been created. Scientists can coat individual specks of titanium oxide powder with a complete coating of silica. These nanoparticles are more effective at blocking the suns harmful UV rays.
These highly specific sensors are being
used to test water purity.
Different fullerenes contain
different numbers of carbon
Carbon Atom
Fullerenes can be used for drug delivery
systems in the body, as catalysts
and in lubricants.
Is one type of fullerene
Its molecules are spherical
It contains 60 carbon atoms
The tube type fullerenes are called nanotubes.
These are very strong.
They can be useful when reinforcing structures where lightness and strength are needed e.g tennis racket frames.
Nanotechnology can be used to create waterproof materials, it works as tiny pores let small molecules pass through. The material is made waterproof as molecules can not fit through because they are too small.
Is a black solid that dissolves in petrol and turns into a red solution
Scientists have developed a method in which they line up bucky-tubes on the surface of glass. They stick out at right angles and promises to give brighter pictures that you can view from a range of angles.
OMG! Motorola has created a new type of screen with a nano-emissive display! It's made from two sheets of glass- one of which is covered by a layer of nanotubes standing on end, the other by a layer of phosphors!
Wow! I heard about them! Is it the ones that when the nanotubes are charged, and direct electrons at the phosphors, it causes them to illuminate?
Yeh! This is so exciting, can't
wait to try this material out..
Bucky-balls and cages can trap atoms or groups of atoms inside their structures.

Scientists are developing ways to carry drugs or radioactive atoms within these structures to sites of the body where they are needed.
This new medicine
could potentially be used to treat cancer!
The structure of nanotubes involves a massive surface. Spreading a catalyst, atom by atom, on the surface of a nanotube provides a huge surface area where reactants can come into contact with the catalyst.
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