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No description

Ckhru Ack

on 12 January 2015

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Transcript of Metaphors

My big brother is a couch potato

Definition: Very scared of something, like a chicken that runs way in panic when something gets close to it.

Used when: You want to insult someone of being scaredy-cat because they don't want to go into a dark closet.
Definition: My big brother lazy, and does not like to be moved from the couch
The snow is a white blanket.
Definition: Everywhere that's visible there's white snow covering it and its like a blanket.

Used In: This metaphor is used by someone in a snowy place.
He is a mule
Definition: "He" owns characteristics of a mule-- stupid, clumsy, and annoying.

Used in: This metaphor is used when a person acts stupid, clumsy, or annoying.
The Power of Metaphors

Nikitha is a chicken
Used in a situation where someone is sitting on a couch and not moving.
Metaphors = awesome convincing stuff

Convey a message without directly saying it, yet make it sound way more powerful.
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