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Beginning School

No description

Marie Todd

on 13 June 2016

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Transcript of Beginning School

Beginning School
Teacher's Goals
Time Table and Curriculum
Foundation Skills and Fitness
Oral language
Visual Art
Inquiry Studies, Science, Technology, Social Sciences
The Arts, Music,Dance
P.E and Health
Fostering Postive Behaviour
Peer Mediators
Being 5 means...
To meet the unique learning, social, physical and emotional needs of each individual learner
To ensure all children at Cockle Bay have a safe and secure start to their schooling
To provide a stimulating and engaging environment

Developing Independence
To encourage personal independence, being able to self manage in the beginning stages of school

New Entrant Visits
Meet the classroom teacher
Begin to foster friendships with children in the class
Familiarise both the child and family with classroom routines
Become familiar with areas around the school
To make the ‘starting day’ as smooth as possible

What should your child be able to to?
Keen to learn, prepared to ‘have a go’ and take risks
Take direction from an adult
Positive social behaviours
Concentrate for short periods of time
Dressing, nose wiping, going to the toilet by themselves
Manage and look after their own belongings
Have an awareness of colours, letters and numbers
Have a knowledge of books
Pencil grip, letter formation, write their name
Able to follow simple instructions
Communication with the school
Encourage open lines of communication
Classroom teacher
Team Leader
Assistant Principal
Our Vision
We acknowledge that children:
Enter school with different levels of knowledge
Learn at their own pace
Learn best when they are actively involved
Differentiate according to your child's needs
Focus on Numeracy and Literacy
Set expectations for quality work and behaviour
Reinforce the vision and values of the School
Build relationships with families to support children's learning
Celebrating the small successes
Coming to school every day
Learning and practising
Sharing and supporting your child's learning
Open lines of communication
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