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Helicopter Flight Rescue System

Guiding Question: How does the Helicopter Flight Rescue system work

Himeno Fujiwara

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Helicopter Flight Rescue System

Helicopter Flight Rescue System
GQ: How does a Helicopter Flight rescue System work?
By Himeno Facts About the HFRS
(Helicopter Flight Rescue System) Elements A SIMULATION OF A HELICOPTER FLIGHT RESCUE SYSTEM Pictures of helicopter
Flight Rescue
My mom: this system is used in Tohoku and sometimes near a river because what if it rains in the river gets hard and some one gets washed away then they need the HFRS Reference/ source Internet books Interview Wikipedia
kid rex
West pac
Ehow.com My mom
My dad Quiz 1 What is five of the elements of a HFRS?

2 When was the first HFRS helped?

3 What boat it saved?

4 What was the name of the movie that it is about HFRS?

5 Why do we need a HFRS? My Dad : The HFRS are help bringing food to other place that they need for example Tohoku needed food because there house was broken and some people could`t bring food System for the HFRS The HFRS get the information. Then they hurry to the place the trouble is happening . Then they look around if there any injured people. If there is an injured people they get a belly band and a rescue harness or a ARP to help them. On the movie called brave hearts the ship was sinking but one person was still there they could`t help them because there was no time and it was dangerous for the people who rescues. Venn Diagram Regular Helicopter HFRS It is sometime
used for news Doctor use it for
carrying people that
are injured in to the
hospital Used to carry people to places Helicopter
Helps people there is a movie
that show it Belly Band
A nurse that helps the people who got rescue Y-lanyard Main load line Hicouki 100ten Thank You For Listening To My Presentation!!! Element for HFRS Facts about HFRS Interview -Belly Band
-Main load line
-Rescue harness
-ARP -nurse
- pilot -helicopter
- propeller
-machine Credit: www.fotopedia.com/items/flickr-4587071042/slideshow Helps people that are on a sinking boat or a sinking air plane ARS On November 29, 1945 a boat
called R-5 hovers. The boat spilled oil and then they used a helicopter to help. That was the first day they used a helicopter to help people The HFRS helps with oil spills and helps people that are on a sinking boat or a
sinking airplane There is a movie that shows the simulation of the HFRS it is called Umisaru the braveheart Helicopter
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