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Math in Movies!

Tammy, Taylor, Samantha R.

Tammy Ng

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Math in Movies!

Mean Girls Despicable Me Skyfall Star Trek Taylor Westmont Tammy Ng Samantha R. Wong MATH IN MOVIES! lim x-> 0, [ln(1-x) - sin(x)] /1-cos2(x) In Mean Girls, Cady is asked to solve: "The limit does not exist!" Easy method:
-Plug in values of x that are close to zero into the function
When x is negative, very big, positive numbers come out of the function (positive infinity) but when x is positive, very big, negative values come out (negative infinity) Therefore: Real definition of a vector:
A quantity having direction as well as magnitude, esp. as determining the position of one point in space relative to another. Vector, the villain in Despicable Me introduces himself to Gru:
"I'm an arrow with both direction and magnitude! OH YEAH!" Math joke! If the height of train + track is 100 ft, and given that the acceleration= -g (32 ft/second^2), find the velocity at which he falls and the distance from his original position. (assuming that if this were stopped in time, Bond’s original velocity would be 0 ft/s). Differentiation! Train 100 ft. d= ? v= ? Related Rates The radius of a sphere is increasing at a constant rate of 0.5 meters per second. What is the rate of increase in the volume of the sphere when the radius is 3 meters? dr/dt=0.5 m/s
dV/dt=? r=3 m A Walk to Remember Trigonometry! equilateral isosceles scalene Pirates of the Caribbean Area If the platform forms an imaginary boundary/line across the top of Jack’s parabola, what is the area in between the line and the parabola? A= ? The End! Night at the Museum 2 Einstein! The mathematical genius... as a bobble head!
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